What is your true Allied Health professional ‘personality’??

Take this quick fun quiz and share with your colleagues for a laugh!


Are you a PHYSIO but colleagues often tell you… you should have been an OT!?  Or I really thought you were a Speechie??  We’ve all worked with a colleague like this!

Are you truly a practical OT personality at heart? Or Physio? Speech Pathologist? Social worker? Dietitian?

Are you considering a career in Allied Health?  Read through some of these personality ‘descriptions’ and get some more intel on the ‘real’ differences between some of our Allied Health professions…

Obviously, we have a lot of similarities as Allied Health professionals but we also have some differences – both of which should be celebrated and should enable amazing collaborations.

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Take this fun, tongue-in-cheek, super stereotypical quiz and find out your REAL Allied Health personality!!

DISCLAIMER: this is not meant to be taken seriously, please allow smiles, shock and sharing…


How did you choose your Allied Health profession?

  1. I really wanted to help people

  2. I love exercise and keeping fit and wanted to help others to do the same

  3. I find health related disorders really interesting and I wanted to improve the lives of others

  4. I love hearing other people’s stories and I wanted to help people

  5. I love keeping healthy and wanted to support others to do the same


At school, which subjects were you really good at?

  1. Biology, English, Humanities

  2. Biology, Chemistry, Maths

  3. Biology, English, Humanities

  4. English, Humanities

  5. Biology, Chemistry, Maths


Getting ready for work, what do you select to wear?

  1. I love a nice midi skirt, work appropriate dress or chinos with a collared shirt

  2. I really want to just grab my sneakers and get on with it

  3. I love the fact my workplace has a uniform, I just throw on my polo or shirt and I just have to choose pants, shorts or skirt. Keep it simple.

  4. I enjoy keeping my personal quirky style at work

  5. Smart casual, I keep my ‘professional wardrobe’ separate from my normal wardrobe


How are you in social situations?

  1. Love socialising in general, love a good chat

  2. Love socialising in most situations, mostly stick to similar minded people

  3. Love socialising at work or out of work. Often organising social ‘get togethers’

  4. Don’t mind socialising at work functions but that’s where it stops

  5. Don’t love it, actually I’m quite the introvert


How are you with getting physically up close and personal with patients or clients?

  1. I only want to see what I have to see – neck and up only thanks!

  2. I have no difficulty looking, touching – whatever is required to get the information I need

  3. I am super comfortable helping my clients to do everything so I need to see everything

  4. No not for me at all (calls for help and backs away immediately)

  5. No not for me at all (calls for help and backs away immediately)


How are you with getting emotionally up close and personal with patients or clients?

  1. I’m great at the listening bit but I don’t love that side of it

  2. My brain only really registers the key pieces of information when I’m in this situation to enable an onward referral

  3. I’m great at listening but my brain is focusing on the potential functional impact and how I can help you

  4. This is the good stuff and I’m processing every detail

  5. Nope, no thank you. I’m not even really registering the information, only to refer on


How do you like your day to unfold?

  1. I like a challenge but mostly I like to know exactly what I’m doing

  2. I like to get in, sort that patient and get onto the next one

  3. I love my job when every day is different, learning new things everyday

  4. Never know where the day might take you

  5. I like to know exactly what I’m doing and at what time whenever possible


What is your level of organisation in the workplace?

  1. Neat, organised, resources readily available

  2. Simple systems, very routine based, sometimes struggle with inflexibility, need to keep to time

  3. Colour coded systems, always organised and love diaries, timers & reminder strategies. Keep my resources close and updated.

  4. Loosely use a diary or calendar but it’s always flexible

  5. Simple systems, enjoys routine and numbers, write everything down



Mostly 1)

You’re a Speech Pathologist at heart!

Mostly 2)

You’re a Physiotherapist at heart!

Mostly 3)

You’re an Occupational Therapist at heart!

Mostly 4)

You’re Social Worker at heart!

Mostly 5)

You’re a Dietitian at heart!


SO, what is hilarious is – I’m an OT but often wonder if I should have been a Speechie…!

What about you?

Does your ‘Allied Health Personality’ match your actual Allied Health profession?

Share your comments and let’s support each other and have a laugh together!

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