“So… I guess I’m a Blogger now??”

EEEEK! First blog… breathe in breathe out…
I need to start with a very warm welcome to ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES and a very large thanks to our supporters… This is very exciting and scary and I really appreciate your support!!
Right – so Google tells me I need to engage my reader, find a topic that I’m super interested in so my reader will be too. Trouble is my first blog is all about how to write a blog! This is hilarious. I’m an Occupational Therapist. Mum. Brand new director of a brand new company (when do I get to become an ‘entrepreneur’?! Bahahahaha) but not a BLOGGER! Ok. I’m just going to follow some recommended steps and throw caution to the wind. Here goes…

1. Plan your TOPIC and use a great working title
Nailed it right?! Hahahaha! The suggestion is to focus on a topic or ask yourself a question that is appropriate for your target market… My target market is Allied Health professionals and there are a LOT of us and we are all different with different professions, interests, expertise… Hmmmm. We do have a lot in common though too. consider this – each and every allied health professional started in this field to learn and to help others… Didn’t we? Each of us go above and beyond for our patients or clients more often than we care to admit… Don’t we? Yet each of us have certainly struggled with self care and our own resilience in the workplace… Don’t we… Each of us have continual learning needs and wants but so much difficulty with fitting it in – don’t we!!!

2. Be YOURSELF and find YOUR voice
Ummm I am myself with my own voice… right?? Well that’s the thing about Allied Health Support Services – it’s not just one voice (and certainly not just mine!). We’re all about networking and breaking down the barriers of accessibility, affordability, professional silos, academic vs clinical roles etc etc. How great would it be if health professionals could communicate and support each other more easily regardless of where you lived or worked or the clinical or non-clinical area you working in??

3. Use LINKS
So this bit is for promoting ones’ self and ones’ brand to assist with ones’ search engine rankings. Once you join our family and become a member, you have access to stacks and stacks of relevant links and resources… We do the hard work for you because you don’t have time!!! You’re way too busy for all that searching… Here’s a taste –
Autism Awareness and Sensory Processing Disorder Australia – great starting points for Paediatric therapists…
National Stroke Foundation and Brain Injury Australia – anyone working in Neurology need to be down with these sites…
Allied Health Marketing – great support for Allied Health private practices – all that extra marketing stuff we no nothing about!
Fair Work Australia – this link will take you directly to some super useful info for when you are returning to work from Parental Leave


Check some of these out – mostly American sites but still relevant to Healthcare in Australia and it’s SO COOL to stay up to date!


5. Post to SOCIAL MEDIA and invite comments

– Facebook – check (click here)
– Twitter – check (click here)
– Instagram – check (click here)
– LinkedIn – check (click here)

…. and now apparently I can sit back and my audience / subscribers / customers will find me..?!
I’m officially inviting and asking nicely for comments. Please?

Well, I guess that’s it! I’m officially a BLOGGER!!!! So I had better make my next blog seriously serious. I do want people to take me seriously.
Let’s support each other and promote ALLIED HEALTH!
With thanks,