Life Hack Apps For Our Struggling Patients (and for busy individuals!)

Hands up who’s busy? Hands up who’s always on the look out for a great life hack?? If we the professionals find these types of strategies successful then we’d better get our patients onto them quick smart!!  Obviously there’s hundreds of awesome apps out there – just looked into a few here, what are your FAVES?

I (as a non-techie but interested party) have compiled yet another wonderful list for you to start playing with here –


  1. Mindfulness Apps

It’s so true isn’t it, those that don’t have time for mindfulness should be doing double the amount… So many physical and emotional health benefits, not to mention increased productivity!  Have a look at these beauties and give them a fly…



  1. Physical Fitness Apps

Ok, there’s a million of these apps around now but I bet you have tried or use at least one yourself!  What do you use? Would you recommend a general fitness or beginner’s fitness app to your patient or your colleagues?



  1. Cognition Assist Apps

Memory and organiser apps are a requirement for everyone I say! Get reminders by email, text, messenger or social media. Create ‘to do lists’, daily life journals, collate your reflections and images, even track and organise your time!



  1. Password Apps

Don’t know about you but I LOVE these… game changer. Yes I teach my patients memory and organisational strategies, but I too have a busy mind with a poor memory!  For those who always have their phones handy – these apps are a brilliant idea to assist with all those pesky passwords that take up brain space.  All you need to remember is ONE master password and BOOM all random logins and passwords for all the random things you need to subscribe to these days is sorted!




  1. Food & Diet Apps

We could all do with food delivery now and then can’t we!? Hmmmm I could right now…

Ranging in options and price and dependant on your geographical – this could be a great option!



  1. Scanner Apps

Scan documents into PDF to email, fax, print or save to cloud storage.  Never lose documents again and start living paperless!



  1. Storage & File Sharing Apps

Cloud based storage is a great idea for anyone and everyone.  Go paperless and access everything you need – whenever you need and wherever you are!



  1. Electronic Signature

This is the bee’s knees and something I have only recently cottoned on to…. Check it out, great time saver and fab for anyone experiencing increasing difficulty with handwriting!



  1. Medical Info Apps

Store and access your medical history, pharmaceutical info, keep track of your obs & appointments…







  1. First Aid / Emergency Assist Apps

These apps should be on smart phone home screens all over the country.  Info is preloaded so you don’t even need to worry about internet access. Great for that ‘worrier’ on your caseload..



So no sponsors here… just opinions and food for thought – from a complete non-techie!

So tell me your thoughts, do you have a ripper app that you or your patients can’t live without?

Please share and let us all in on your life hack apps!!


Stay tuned for the next instalment on discipline specific apps to supplement and assist our intervention plans!

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