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Time and time again I hear of business owners avoiding conversations with their staff about money, or practitioners not wanting to sound ‘salesy’. It is imperative we understanding the importance of ‘value’, no matter what industry you are in. Money is not everything, but there is no denying it’s place in society. Money gives us freedom, and freedom allows us to do meaningful things.

There are three main reasons why people want to make a living from their job:

  1. Money (Financial security)
  2. Freedom
  3. Purpose/Meaning

It is increasingly difficult to have freedom and do meaningful things without money. When it comes to family, holidays, charitable organisations, making a change in the world— money isn’t everything but it certainly helps.

People hold value in their money. In times of crisis, people are more conscious of their spending, particularly if their hours have been cut or their income is unstable. If you want to get paid, you have to create something more valuable than their money and you trade it.

Money for skill or products. Simple.

As health practitioners, that’s what we do… a consultation in exchange for money. We deliver a fee for service model. Our chosen profession is our product. For example: reduce their pain, increase movement, education, improve quality of life and so on…

Consultation for money > Money for service.

Everyone needs to be happy with the trade or the exchange will not last, and patients will stop coming back. Understanding the importance of the financial transaction between a practitioner and a patient should not be ignored.

YES, we are health practitioners… BUT whether we like it or not we are also salespeople. We build trust, ‘sell’ health and deliver results. Those that deliver exceptional service and patient experiences will make more money. This is not unethical, it is being good at what you do. It is value for money!

My guess is that this is why some ‘hands-on’ practitioners are struggling with Telehealth conversions right now… Because they themselves are unsure of the value. When you are unfamiliar with a service you are trying to offer, it makes it very hard to ‘sell.’

By default, our use of the term ‘patient’ rather than ‘client’ removes the focus that money is changing hands. By definition, anyone paying money for something is also a client. A client expects value… a patient deserves it too.

It is important to remember the role money plays in the health industry… talk about it, value it, appreciate it— everyday. After all, it’s what keeps our businesses afloat and our jobs secure.

Be worth it, provide value and your patients (and business) with thrive!


Bringing you my best…


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Jade Scott

Jade Scott

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