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IINSIGHT software solution

Recently we have been asked to try iinsight software, to give their team real feedback from real allied health professionals using the iinsight case management software with real clients…

iinsight’s webpage includes an introduction as a cloud-based case management and reporting system. It is more than just an electronic calendar and client notes, it is a whole integrated system that can be modified for sole trader to multi-disciplinary team – and is actually designed for ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS.

It can handle, and is designed for, the whole process of receiving and managing client data, quoting and billing, tracking and reporting, and more. It is designed for allied health professionals working in case management, NDIS, vocational rehabilitation and injury management specifically, however is very customisable. This software solution, like all the others, does require time to set up to suit your needs, and some steps are mandatory prior to getting started with entering clinical notes.

During the two week free trial, which did only allow for some functionality, not a customized version, here’s what we found:

Set up and training:

The team were really responsive and supportive, walked through the software and seemed to genuinely care about the health professional’s user experience.  They actually really want to hear our feedback!

If you decided to proceed, once a signed agreement is completed, the team will customise your service delivery data base and assist you to include/exclude the headings, fields, data that is relevant for your business.

Product features:

The platform can be used from both desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The advantage of being able to do most of your daily client data entry through the app, leaving office time for the data processing/reporting is a key advantage.

  • It features a great range of relevant funding and service delivery categories, reducing the need to fully customise your files. For example, NDIS frequently used line items.


  • There is also capacity to customise the service delivery categories relevant to your practice and the funding source. For example, by adding to the ‘activity’ tab, a quick update under ‘DVA’ service contract reflected common items completed, using the fee schedule line items for that funding program.


  • The system also supports reminders and key timelines, to meet funding deadlines, estimated discharge dates and support tracking of real time status of cases. For example, key dates like first contact, current appointment and planned follow up contact can be logged and linked to reminders.

Once parameters are set up, there is a great capacity to develop detailed and descriptive client plans and programs.

You can also export your cases list with the activity you have just completed into an excel spreadsheet which would automatically update

To show running caseload management spreadsheet with billing information, clinical information and status of case is easy and a couple of clicks away.

Here are some examples of the trial version of iinsight in real time, with real cases. 


CASE STUDY #1 – Home based appointment

88 yo lady lives alone and hasn’t been coping very well recently. OT referral received from her GP under her DVA gold card for assessment and support of her chronic low back pain and subsequent social isolation. Referral document sent by GP as fax, received via Go Fax account, which presents the referral as a PDF attached to email, which was then imported directly into the iinsight case screen as attachment.

Prior to client contact, time was required to set up a service contract, to allocate correct funding source or contract, then add the client case against this type of contract. To work through these screens, there is some mandatory fields and some you can skip through. For DVA, the employment section is N/A and can just proceed to ‘next’ screen. However, billing information is mandatory but you can alter data entered here at a later date as required.

On the day of the home visit, a download of the iisight mobile app onto phone was completed, although logout and a log back in was required, as the system doesn’t allow your iinsight account to be open on both devices simultaneously. Once the client address was entered, iinsight predicted the time and quote for travel and then showed me in Google maps where I needed to go! Photos taken during the visit, for home modifications, were saved for adding to client file as attachment post visit. The dictation function in the cases section on the billing was enabled, and this section also allowed for changing the rates and hourly amount, to reflect the service delivery items as per DVA fee schedule.

As no templates had been developed prior, they were not uploaded at this stage, however again if you spend the time setting up the document templates or any forms you would like to upload, then quick, reflective documentation is a key feature.


CASE STUDY #2 – Clinic based appointment 

61 yo lady recently suffered a stroke whilst enjoying a caravan holiday with her new husband. This client was working as a stage manager for community production and was experiencing difficulty with fatigue, cognitive load and her own self-expectations post experiencing neurological changes.

This client had only recently commenced under NDIS, was supported by a plan manager however was self-sourcing providers.

After the initial phone call, a service contract under NDIS template was commenced, so client data could be entered. The time of initial contact and next appointment were added and reflected in the calendar system. For this case, a template was uploaded ready for data entry, great time saver!

After the first appointment, easily added initial assessment forms and cognitive assessments completed through ‘drop and drag’.  Also added photos of whiteboard mapping session held with client and photos of the clients’ upper limb positioning, in addition to education handouts provided.

Also provided client with service agreement for her to read and sign, so once received it’s also easy enough to scan into her case notes. Then did a quick update of her current phase of care from assessment to intervention, to reflect in real time where the client is in their journey, helping with caseload management. There was some issue with the scroll down/arrow select option at this stage, in attempting to accurately bill against correct NDIS line items, however could be user error. At least this gave real ‘insight’ (pun intended), for what to request during custom set up for sole trader business!

So, in summary,


  • Customisable++ for a sole practitioner or team
  • Easy to export documents or images, eg PDF
  • Insurance based
  • Great training and easy to use
  • Fee structure based on case numbers not flat rate – value for money!
  • Recognition of the real status of the client as opposed to ‘keeping them in’
  • Integrates and works well with other systems eg xero for sorting out billing effectively
  • The mobile stuff – the real time stuff is all there
  • ‘Post it note’ function can go straight to admin staff – no additional system needed eg emails or calls!
  • NDIS reports – audit for all case notes made – meets standards
  • Peace of mind for therapists and clients with the highest level of security
  • Helps with personal real-life management of caseload and tracking of professional activity re busy times, predictions, reflection of time use. Accessing these metrics really helps with business management and growth
  • The founder showed his passion for the system, through training and support, and wants to hear feedback.


Thing to consider

  • Power admin eg reports, caseload reviews don’t suit mobile app version, but I don’t know a therapist who works that way…
  • Doesn’t appear you can be logged into iinsight on two devices at the same time, consider if you will want to work across both your computer and your tablet or mobile phone simultaneously.
  • Takes time to commence a service contract prior to being able to document clinical information, as any system will, however worth the time to set up correctly at the start
  • Some default/ mandatory fields not relevant to all types of service delivery, which is definitely worth discussing during the customisation period.


Work smarter not harder, streamline your processes and become more efficient at all the icky admin stuff so you can get on with what you’re good at – client care.  If you are not yet using a software solution in your practice, now is the time for so many reasons.

Compare iinsight for yourself today, click here to suss out your free demo!


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