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Dementia: It’s here to stay. What you need to know to help your clients

June 10, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Jill Johnson-Young


Spend a day learning what your client needs from you from a former hospice social worker, grief therapist, author, and grief recovery facilitator. This is a one time only event, as Jill will be in Sydney from Southern California to speak at the Hammond Care International Dementia Conference.

This is “everything you always wanted to know about death and dying and grief but did not know who or how to ask.” We will spend the day covering the essentials about end of life and grief, and will cover:

  • Having the hard conversations that surround end of life
  • End of life care
  • Hospice 101- what to expect and how to manage
  • Paperwork (yes, there is always paperwork)
  • Where are you going after you die and in what? (no, not that- I mean cemetery, ocean, bookshelf, forest, green burials, reef interments- there are so many options you can see!)
  • The dying process
  • Anticipatory grief from the perspective of the terminally ill person
  • Anticipatory grief for the friends and family losing a loved one
  • Reorganizing during and after loss
  • Successful recovery from grief (yes, I mean that. We can and do recover).
  • Looking at what causes us to remain in grief or to have unfinished losses- and how to resolve those issues
  • How to support friends and family who are losing a loved one
  • What to say- and what to never, ever say to a dying or grieving person
  • What grief does to us physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually
  • The normal stuff that occurs in grief that nobody ever told us
  • The absolute necessity of self-care during a terminal illness for caregivers, and after a loss for grievers
  • Finding support- if you need it
  • Doing grief your way- you get to be the boss

We will include out of order losses, pet loss (they matter as much), and disenfranchised grief

“Jill’s humor makes a tough subject approachable.”

All attendees will be provided a certificate for licensure purposes.


Sydney, NSW