We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can… Hence we’ve launched a regular LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure! Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links you, as an awesome allied health professional, need to know about right now…

I have collated the best links I’ve found this month under these loose areas relevant to all of us!  Please comment or shoot me an email if you feel you would like a different area of clinical or non-clinical practice covered or if you feel there is an awesome blog / link / service / research / innovation your fellow AHP’s should really know about!!



Farnham St Blog

Rich Thinking Versus Poor Thinking
I love this article! Work hard, be generous, be brave and you will be rich as well as wealthy!  Your mindset plays a large role in your leadership style.  Does your fear of disapproval, criticism or looking different hold you back? Read on…
This site does not focus on leadership exactly but it looks at ‘ mental models, decision making, learning, reading and the art of living’.  It offers a great snappy blog (with reading time estimates!), a private learning community with a host of resources and podcasts to assist you in ‘ thinking about thinking’.  Free newsletter too, but beware it’s a DAILY dose…

Business News Daily

Great site for all things business and leadership. Areas in Leadership, Management, Women in Business, Strategy and Personal Growth.  I’ve found these articles of interest this month!

4 Smart Management Strategies for the Modern Leader
Great article for leaders and the aspiring. Simple take home strategies to apply today.

5 Common Leadership Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Wow… show me someone in a leadership position that hasn’t made these mistakes.  Public or private, small or large practice – take the time to reflect on your present and past leaders as well as your own practice.


Blogs & Influencers

Evidence In Motion
An American site for Physical Therapists.  It has wonderful up to date content, regular interesting blogs, ebooks, podcasts etc etc. Check them out and sign up for their newsletter for free.

Hearing Care Professionals
Noelene is an Audiologist who specialises in not only hearing loss, but tinnitus, sound tolerance & misophonia in Brisbane, Australia.  She writes an interesting regular blog and would be a super lovely resource should you or your patients need… Free eZine available to your inbox.


Equipment & Resources

Source Kids
Australian magazine and directory website for parents, carers, families, professionals and teachers working with children with special needs.  A great blog and a great place to find resources, links, products, services in your area, event calendar etc etc.  Sign up for their free newsletter and keep a look out for the magazine in real life paper form!​


Private Practice

Concorde TBS accounting
Special interest in Allied Health and virtual accounting… Keep a look out on our social media, Theresa is writing some relevant content pieces as we speak!

Sync Or Swim In Business
Individualised, flexible and solution focused business coaching for all your small business needs.  Loren has a wealth of knowledge and experience but is so fun and easy to talk to.. that I can personally vouch for – tell her we sent you!!



Stroke Foundation – Enable me and Inform me

These brilliant resources need to be on your radar as a health professional, regardless of whether you work in stroke or not.  EnableMe is a resource for stroke survivors and their carers. It not only has great text and podcast resources, you can join the forums, group chats, set personal goals, ask professionals questions and much more.

InformMe is the sister site and provides comprehensive stroke resources for health professionals.  They have ‘learning modules’, clinical guidelines and links to relevant research or services for a variety of categories within stroke recovery.
Do yourself and your patients a favour and sign up if you haven’t already!


Self Care

Forget Life Work Balance & Try Blending Instead
Sydney Morning Herald online – consider this 2 birds! Take 10mins out, read this article and then consider your own time priorities… What do you think about ‘blending’ rather than ‘balancing’?!

5 Tips To Improve Your Self-Talk
Psych Central is a great online mental health resource for all individuals, health professionals and their patients… Free weekly newsletter – interesting but note it is weekly!



National Health & Medical Research Council

Considering research in your workplace? Don’t forget to check out this site for relevant guidelines, policies, available funding grants with a calendar to keep you on track.



ATSA Independent Living Expo
FREE entry! Go and check out the latest innovative gadgets and equipment…
Sydney 10-11 May 2017 at the Sydney Showground or Brisbane 24 May 2017 at the Royal International Convention Centre

National Disability Insurance Scheme Information Session
NDIS basics information session 20 June, 12-2pm at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Asia Pacific Autism Conference
The conference theme is “Growing with Autism” and reflects the recent shift in autism research and practice to look beyond the early childhood and school years to the whole of life for people on the spectrum
7-9 Sept in Sydney at the International Convention Centre


Check out these links and let us know how we can help you!

All opinions are my own and there are no sponsors here, just a great round up of some great links, services and resources this month…


Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


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