Allied Health Link Roundup July 2017

We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can… Hence we are launching a regular LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure! Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links you, as an awesome allied health professional, need to know about right now…

I have collated the best links I’ve found this month under these loose areas relevant to all of us!  Please comment or shoot me an email if you feel you would like a different area of clinical or non-clinical practice covered or if you feel there is an awesome blog / link / service / research / innovation your fellow AHP’s should really know about!!




Mind Tools

Amazing information, resources, free templates and tools. Learning topics include leadership skills, team management, strategy tools, time management, decision making, communication skills etc etc

There is the option for you to develop your own learning plan and all your goals and subsequent learning activities which you undertake on the site can be saved for you, which is great for continuing professional development!

You can sign up for a month trial for $1 at the moment and you receive a free booklet entitled ‘How To Coach’! Run don’t walk. You will keep coming back to this easy to use, easy to read and well planned website.

I particularly love this questionnaire, complete with some actions for you to follow up once you find out where your leadership strengths and weaknesses are… Lacking self confidence? Emotional intelligence? Read on –

‘How Good Are Your Leadership Skills?’

Transformational Leadership


Blogs & Influencers


Super Power Speech

This award winning blogger loves to empower Speech & Language Therapists and educators with super ideas, free resources and a lovely easy to read regular blog.


Diabetes Health

Diabetes Health is a great site for all things Diabetes.  They have this short n sweet roundup each week of useful links, recipes, an online magazine, an email newsletter you can sign up for, stacks of information, product reference charts and regular interesting blog articles.

They also have a FREE APP so you can catch up on all the latest and show your patients or carers in real time all about how to manage their diabetes.


Equipment & Resources


Vicair Pressure Care Products   

A complete range of high quality pressure care products including seat cushions, back systems and mattresses.  Each product is filled with hundreds of air filled SmartCellsTM. The shape and structure of the SmartCellsTM allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body’s contours. The result is maximal comfort, optimal support and superior pressure distribution.  MASS and DVA approved (with clinical justification).

Advantages include: 

  • Lightweight 
  • Low maintenance (cushions do not require daily inspection as deflation is not possible)
  • Adjustable to accommodate body asymmetry 
  • Different cover options including Incontinence and Comfair 
  • Suitable for people at high risk of developing pressure ulcers    

Amy Vincent of The Therapy Collective is the authorised Queensland dealer for the range.  For more information contact Amy at [email protected] to arrange a free demonstration.


Private Practice


Legal 123

This is a great online resource for any start up business or even any of your personal legal requirements! It is full of ‘off the shelf’ legal documents, templates and ‘how to’ guides at a fraction of the cost.  Almost an in between step, allowing you to DIY but with a stack of help! Video instructions and telephone support also available.  Many helpful packages including ‘Contractor Agreement Templates’ and ‘Legal Guide for Life Coaches and Mentors’ – check it out!



Not sure where to send your client’s carer to look for support?? Try these great sites and resources.


Carer Gateway

This site is a great place for new carers to start! An Australian Government initiative, this site has everything you need to know, from explaining the different payments available, to support groups and services, to outlining what to do when the care needs are changing.

Carer’s Australia

Carers Australia advocates and lobbies on a wide range of issues that affect carers. They manage the delivery of national programs, support and services for carers across Australia and work with the Carer Associations in each state or territory.


Better Start

Information and registration services about accessing funding and other support for carers of children with eligible disabilities.

National Carer Counselling Program (NCCP)

These programs are managed through Carers Australia’s Network of Carer Associations, in each Australian State or Territory. They provide short term counselling , emotional and psychological support for carers by qualified counsellors. For information or an appointment call 1800 242 636

Young Carers

Services provide information, advice and support for young carers. Includes Young Carer Bursary Programme which looks to provide financial support to eligible young carers to remain in, or return to, education or training.


Self Care



Non-profit organisation who produces some great blog content arranged into categories of Living, Meditation and Work.  They have a great newsletter you can subscribe to and a fab looking magazine in print or digital as well.  I’m loving these pieces at the moment –

How To Practice Mindfulness

How To Mindfully Have An Awkward Conversation At Work

Why You Should Take A Relaxing Lunch Break




Psych bite


PsycBite catalogues relevant studies and rates their methodological quality to save us time!  Articles included focus on cognitive, behaviour and other treatments for psychological issues, occurring post acquired brain impairment. There is FREE ACCESS to these abstracts and full details of the references with their easy search function.



Events & Opportunities


Jeans For Genes Day

4th August, Australia

Get involved and help fight against childhood diseases.  So much research desperately needed.  Jump online and see what is happening near you this week!


Lecture: Paediatric Persistent Pain

Presented by Supporting Kids in Pain (SKiP)

2nd September, 9-11.30am, Brisbane, Australia



Australian Orthotic Prosthetic Association Congress

5-7th October, Melbourne, Australia


7th International Carers Conference

4-6th October, Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia


What To Know About Treating Dancers

Presented by AAPSM

4th October, Sydney, Australia



Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

[email protected]