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We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can…

Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links you, as an awesome allied health professional, need to know about right now…

Featuring Research & Leadership this month…

This is such a HUGE topic, hence our BLOG is jam-packed this month!..


Do you know an Allied Health Leader who is AWESOME?


Jade Scott– Osteopath, Passionate Leader, World-class Speaker and Founder at GrowthRX.

GrowthRx has been established to share connections and valuable information worth knowing in allied health.
They aim to be the go-to platform for Allied Health professionals to discover, connect and grow through world-class leadership, events and education. Meet the GRowthRx leaders!

Do you know an industry professional that deserves recognition and would make an excellent GRx Leader?

Nominate a GrowthRx Leader!


Growth Rx


APA Board Of Director

Australian Physiotherapy Association proud to announce the election of Scott Willis as our National President and current Vice President Jenny Aiken, as Chair of the Board effective 1 January 2021.

Scott Willis, a proud Palawa man from North-West Tasmania, is also the first Indigenous Australian to be elected as National President of a health peak body in Australia. Mr Willis has been a member of the APA for 27 years and has held numerous leadership positions including National Chair of its business group.


Australian Allied Health Leadership Forum

Leaders of national allied health peak organisations working collaboratively to collectively address issues of national importance to the allied health and the Australian public.  Are you familiar with this forum?? Did you know it existed???


Guest Blog

Be a discerning consumer of RESEARCH by Saravana Kumar

There were several issues to successfully engaging with EBP and research, beginning with the research itself. Research often was conflicting, contradictory or confusing and when clinicians tried to engage it, it was not in a consumable form. They didn’t have anyone to help or mentor them to “unpack” what the research was about. When clinicians did want to engage with research, there were limitations in terms of accessing research as many did not have expensive subscriptions or they did not know who to approach to ask for help.  Continue reading…





Are you managing more than leading? Are you behaving like a leader and a role model?  How do you lead through change?


At Management Training Specialist (MTD) they provide a wide range of management training and leadership solutions. They’re all about results and providing managers with the tools, techniques and strategies to make a real difference in their roles.

MTD created a free leadership tool called LeaderDNA which is a 96 question assessment. Over 20,000 leaders worldwide have taken the assessment and it receives rave reviews.  It creates a personalised 25 page report of your leadership strengths and weaknesses. See attached sample here..

Complete the LeaderDNA diagnostic to learn your own leadership strengths and weaknesses. START NOW!

Become a positive Leader

Using this free downloadable toolkit and the Mind Tools Club, you can learn how to boost both your own and your team’s positivity through transformational leadership.  Get a downloadable leadership toolkit FREE when you become a member before midnight, 1 October 2020.

Read the latest blog about leadership by Mind Tools: Five Steps to Empowering Others: Our Expert Interview with Frances Frei

Mental Health Forum




Talking Directory listing of Health Tech providers and Talking HealthTech podcast. Find technology solutions for your Australian healthcare practice today! Find out more here…


Marion shares her struggles in leading people and how she was able to overcome it with the help of the Clinic Mastery Business Academy coaches. She also talks about why coaching is a worthy investment and how it grew her business. Tune in now! 


Chiropractic science interviews leading chiropractic researchers from around the world. Tune in with their latest podcast with Dr. Ken Weber- DISCUSSES ADVANCED MRI TECHNIQUES, PAIN & MANUAL THERAPY


Australian Allied Health Awards

Nominations have been EXTENDED so get in quick and nominate an AWESOME allied health professional – whether that is yourself or someone else!

Australian Allied Health Awards 2020-2021


Have you checked out these useful websites lately??

Pain Australia –  leading pain advocacy body working to improve the quality of life of people living with pain.

Black Dog Institute  –  research into mental health and suicide prevention



Physiotherapy Evidence Database

PEDro Logo

PEDro has been informing physiotherapy practice for over 20 years. It is a free database of over 48,000 trials, reviews and guidelines evaluating physiotherapy interventions. You can SEARCH to answer your questions, BROWSE the latest research in your area of interest, LEARN more about evidence-based practice, access useful RESOURCES, or find out more ABOUT this invaluable global resource.

Take a look at their new website now!!


Journal of Eating Disorders is the first open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing leading research in the science and clinical practice of eating disorders. It disseminates research that provides answers to the important issues and key challenges in the field of eating disorders and to facilitate translation of evidence into practice.

The British Journal of Social Work, this is the leading academic social work journal in the UK. It covers every aspect of social work, with papers reporting research, discussing practice, and examining principles and theories. It is read by social work educators, researchers, practitioners and managers who wish to keep up to date with theoretical and empirical developments in the field.

International Journal of Stroke is the official publication of the World Stroke Organization. It provides a significant contribution to the international stroke research community by concentrating on both the clinical aspects of stroke from around the world as well as basic science contributions in areas of clinical interest.

British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) is a multimedia portal for authoritative original research, systematic reviews, consensus statements and debate in sport and exercise medicine (SEM). We define sport and exercise medicine broadly.*



Cochrane Rehabilitation – COVID-19 Evidence-based Response (REH-COVER)

This was developed by an International Multi-professional Steering Committee, and currently includes four main initiatives:

1.      Rapid living Systematic Reviews on Rehabilitation and COVID-19 (1st edition started in March 2020 and published in April 2020, with monthly updates – 2nd edition started in May 2020, to be published in July 2020, with monthly updates)

2.      Interactive living evidence map on Rehabilitation and COVID-19 (started in April 2020 – published in May 2020)

3    Definition of the research topics on “Rehabilitation and COVID-19” in collaboration with the WHO rehabilitation programme (started in May 2020)

4.  Cochrane Library Special Collection: Coronavirus (COVID-19): rehabilitation of patients with functional consequences of acute illness and its treatments (started in June 2020 – to be published soon)



Research Impact Summit helps you to Create, Communicate & Evaluate Research Impact

Download your FREE Impact Guide and learn how you can plan for and assess your research impact

Research Impact Summit Logo

OTA Research Academy

The Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy has been established to both recognise scholars in the occupational therapy profession but also to enhance research capacity building in the profession.



Research Ethics and Governance

The Research Ethics and Governance Office (REGO) is working with local and national counterparts to ensure consistent and responsible management of research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grant opportunities for clinical trials and other vital research

The Australian Government is providing $103.4 million through the Medical Research Future Fund for research into women’s health, primary health care, clinical trials and other vital research. Find out more!


Need supervision, mentoring and support?

Listing of a variety of clinical supervisors, mentors, Allied Health Business or life coaches available specifically for ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Have a look!


 Private Practice & Business

Are your people assets or equity?

Do you believe your people are assets or human resources? Watch the video to see a candid discussion with Natasha (ACE Private Practice) and expert Charlene Norman (Founder and Chief Innovator at Bullet Proof your Business Now) about this topic.  Watch the recording here…


Allied Health Support Services Library of FREE webinars and presentations for health professionals, covering clinical, non-clinical and business-based topics and our RESOURCES page full of free templates and relevant links to tool-kits and resources to keep professionals up to date!


Jo Muirhead- Business Coach for Health Professionals

Learn how you, as a health professional, can overcome the dreaded comparisonitis and stop self-sabotaging by comparing yourself to others. Download the FREE eBook.



ESSA Sports Science Twitter Conference 2020

Join the ESSA Sports Science Twitter Conference in 2020. This event will aim to showcase the latest in sports science research and practice and continue to foster a strong, collaborative online sports science and high-performance community. The event will take place in November 2020.


General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE)

The General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) event series is your one-stop-shop to learn, earn CPD points, discover the latest medical innovations and interact with peers and industry leaders – across one weekend.


Join the GP20 for two weeks of practical and inspiring presentations from leading industry experts.  This online event will dive into the challenges of the pandemic and also bring you the clinical and research education you thrive on. Registration is now open.



World Occupational Therapy Day 2020 

World Occupational Therapy Day 2020

Join the worldwide movement to promote the global profile of our profession. Resources available in different languages include: logos, posters and graphics for use on social media.

Download from the WFOT website. 







Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you…

Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

Founder @ Australian Allied Health Awards

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