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SEPTEMBER FEATURE –  Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Counsellors  

Not sure on the role of the Rehab Counsellor in the Allied Health community?

Have a read of this from the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors…







Hunter Rehabilitation & Health

This team of exercise physiologists are producing stacks of bite sized interesting blog posts… Check them out here









Complex Rehab

Aidacare Complex Rehab consultants and engineers provide specialised advice, service and equipment based solutions for our clients. This highly specialised area of Complex Rehab is supported by our expert team of consultants with many years of practical experience and professional training including qualified Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Rehab Engineers and Field Technicians on the team.

Looking for complex equipment advice and prescription support?  Check these guys out!




Got a PRIVATE PRACTICE WEBSITE?  Have a read of this blog from Sudio 56 –

We studied 10 Healthcare Websites for a Month – This is what we found!



National Heart Foundation of Australia – released new Clinical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Atrial Fibrillation…  

Moderate quality of evidence resulting in a STRONG recommendation for ‘Exercise that improves aerobic capacity is recommended in individuals with symptomatic AF, to reduce the AF burden.’

Check out this super useful summary table – who doesn’t love a Clinical Guideline!!



Indigenous Allied Health Australia – Mentoring Program

Keen to be a mentor?  There’s a workbook and a webinar series here to get you started and confident… Keen to be a mentee? There’s a big list of multidisciplinary health professionals with bio’s on the website – hop over and have a look!


Work Rehabilitation Fact Sheet – written by The American Occupational Therapy Association – Useful basis for educational client or colleague handouts…


Counselling Online –

Free drug & alcohol counselling online 24/7, funded by Australian Government




How To Run A Business And Achieve Work/Life Balance




 The Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling

Service Use and Barriers with Post-Acute-Care Rehabilitation Following Acquired Brain Injury: Family Caregiver Perspectives.

Vocational Interests and Job Choices Following an Acquired Disability: Results and Implications of an Idiographic Study

Journal of Physiotherapy

Additional structured physical activity does not improve walking in older people (> 60 years) undergoing inpatient rehabilitation: a randomised trial

Australian Journal of Occupational Therapy

Video modelling interventions improve social communication skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brain and Behaviour

Functional near‐infrared spectroscopy study of the neural correlates between auditory environments and intellectual work performance

Communications Disorders Quarterly

A Multicomponent Writing Intervention for a College Student With Mild Brain Injury




ESSA Workshops – dates around Australia!


Mind Over Matter – positive strategies for managing stress and fostering resilience at work – 10th October, online


2018 ARPA National Conference – 11-13 November, Sydney.


Pain Management In Practice – 25-26 October, Mercure Sydney.


Chiropractors Association of Australia  

Annual Conference 2018- “Positive Ageing” 20-21 October 2018 to held in Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart.





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