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Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – October 2021

We here at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you time wherever we can … on that note, here is our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure!

Anything you want to be featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round-up blog at the end of every month…

Special mention to all our colleagues working in PAIN MANAGEMENT for this month…

Managing pain is key to improving quality of life. To further improve the quality of care in PAIN MANAGEMENT, we collated these resources, articles and blogs all for you. 


Biomarkers Offer Insight into Chronic Pain Assessment 

Assessing patients’ pain is challenging for physicians who treat conditions that involve chronic pain. Many psychosocial factors combine to influence the nature and degree of pain. Despite all the numerical scales and cartoon faces, clinicians still don’t have a good way of measuring pain.

Find out from Practical Pain Management how severe biochemical abnormalities may play a role in the etiology of chronic pain.

Image credit to Pratical Pain Management

Oral acetaminophen helps manage tonsillectomy pain in children at lower costs

Providing children with oral, instead of intravenous (IV), acetaminophen helps manage tonsillectomy pain at a lower cost, according to research being presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2021 annual meeting. Read more…

How to Manage Adolescent Pain, Injury and Training

Having been a part of many youth-related special interest groups in physiotherapy and strength and conditioning, I have seen some common trends and been involved in many interesting discussions around the management of adolescent injury/pain. The main mistake I see clinicians and coaches make is attempting to treat youth injury and pain the same way they would an adult with a similar condition. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to provide a guideline for clinicians to follow when managing adolescent injuries/pain.

This blog will be split into 3 parts for ease of reading and to signpost clinicians to the most relevant information. Read more…

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Wanting to know more about, or brush up on your knowledge of, pain management … check out these resources.

Health care professionals have long struggled to effectively assess and manage pain within the broader context of clinical uncertainty, biopsychosocial complexity, and societal stigma. The staggering rise of opioid use and misuse has added even more urgency to the need for appropriate and effective pain management.

Explore these peer-to-peer learning materials to advance your skills in pain management.

AAFP Chronic Pain Management Toolkit

The Chronic Pain Management Toolkit is broken into sections to help you address specific gaps in your practice flow, standardise evaluation and treatment, discuss pain management goals, and identify at-risk patients. 

Download full toolkit.

Better Pain Management Program

Better Pain Management is a professional, high quality, online education program developed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine.

The twelve online education modules have been designed for specialist and general medical practitioners, medical students, nurses and allied health practitioners engaged in the care of those living with persistent pain. Each module is interactive and designed to be completed in approximately an hour. 

The program delivers a multidisciplinary understanding and contemporary approach to the assessment, diagnosis and management of those experiencing persistent pain.  Read more…

Mindspot Pain Course

The Pain Course helps people with chronic pain manage the impact of pain on their day-to-day life and their emotional wellbeing. The course is not designed to ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ pain but to help people manage pain and maintain a good quality of life despite pain. ​Read more…

Beyond Pain

Established by Anjelo Ratnachandra, an award-winning physiotherapist and a sufferer of chronic pain himself, he seeks to help clients understand and move beyond their physical, emotional and fatigue-related pain. Beyond Pain runs workshops and provides free resources for Allied Health Professionals working in, or wanting to learn more about, this space. 

The Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast

The Empowered Beyond Pain Podcast, proudly brought to you by Body Logic Physiotherapy. Each fortnight (during an active season) we aim to make sense of pain science and bring evidence to your eardrums, to empower you to better health, and empower clinicians to provide the best care for people in pain. Each episode is full of practical tips and insights to help increase your understanding, and shift your behaviours to nudge you down the road to growth. Listen here…

Managing Pain and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pain Australia curated these resources and useful links (updated daily) to help allied health professionals with regards to Pain Management and Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Visit their website for more information!

Allied Health Support Services has a library of FREE resources, including webinars and presentations, for health professionals! Topics range from business and marketing to neurological rehabilitation and paediatrics.  Sign up today to access amazing resources, podcasts, webinars and blogs for FREE! 


Check out these FACT SHEETS …

2021 Global Year About Back Pain

Below are a number of Global Year Fact Sheets about various aspects of back pain that have been developed by the International Association for the Study of Pain. Visit their website for more information!

Pain Australia has developed a number of factsheets and resources “for professionals” and “for patients” to help everyone understand pain and pain management better. Access the FACT SHEETS and RESOURCES here

The International Association for the Study of Pain has shared factsheets on various topics of pain prevention, management, and treatment from IASP’s previous Global Year initiatives.  Access the FACT SHEETS here.


Pain relief without side effects with promising technique

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have developed a completely new stimulation method, using ultra-thin microelectrodes, to combat severe pain. This provides effective and personalised pain relief without the common side effects from pain relief drugs. The study, which was conducted on rats, has been published in the research journal Science Advances. 

Source: Science Daily  (Access the original article here)

The Experiences of Individuals Experiencing Pain During COVID-19 Infection: A Phenomenological Study 

This research was conducted to determine the pain experience of individuals who experience pain during COVID-19 infection. 

Source: Pain Management Nursing  (Access the original article here)

Health & Wellness

Aiming to be less anxious and have a better sleep?

The Guided Breathwork On-The-Go is for you. 

“Breathing is one of the body’s few functions that happens both automatically and voluntarily. We define breathwork as any practice that manipulates the breath …” read more


Pain Management in Practice

This 2-day workshop focuses on delivering an effective interdisciplinary approach to manage complex pain to a diverse audience of clinicians and return to work professionals.

Date: 25 – 26 November 2021 (Virtual)

12th Congress Of European Pain Federation EFIC

Don’t miss the opportunity of attending the most prestigious pain meeting in Europe. EFIC 2022 is the largest European congress on pain in 2022! Find out about current and future developments in pain science and Network with 3,500 healthcare professionals from all over the world. 

Date: 27th April 2022 (Dublin, Ireland)

APS College of Clinical Psychologists Conference

Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists Conference aims to support members by bringing them the latest research and practice news, providing opportunities for peer networking, and supporting them on their career journey from students to early career psychologists and beyond.   

Date: 20 – 22 May 2022 (Brisbane, Australia)

2022 IASP World Congress on Pain UPLiFT Conference

This event organised by the International Association For The Study Of Pain brings together more than 7,000 scientists, clinicians, and healthcare providers from around the world and across pain disciplines. 

Date: 19 – 23 September 2022 (Toronto, Canada)


THRIVE 2021 Conference

As COVID-driven uncertainty across Australia continues, and in the interests of the safety of members and their patients, the APA have made the difficult decision to postpone THRIVE 2021 to now take place from Wednesday 30 March – Saturday 2 April, 2022.

Early bird registration is now open!

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