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Link round up blog May 2020

We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can…

Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links, events, resources and research – you, as an awesome allied health professional, need to know about right now…

Shout out to our colleagues working in REHABILITATION for this month… 

Do you know a therapist that goes the extra mile to support their patients through innovation and dedication?  Let’s recognise their efforts during Hand Therapy Awareness Week 2020Nominate them now!

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Connect with Synapse Online Peer Groups

While COVID-19 is forcing us to stay physically distanced, Synapse is making sure that people living with brain injury stay connected and socially active. They’ve made changes to their programs and now offer more services online as part of their COVID-19 response.


Virtual games help people stand and walk in rehab

VR, activity monitors and handheld devices can increase the chances people will stand and walk, the largest trial into the effects of digital devices in rehabilitation, carried out through three hospitals, has found.


Credit to: Purpleco


5 ways we can make a difference NOW for people recovering and preparing to return to work.

People who are currently recovering from an injury or illness need to be in the best position they can be in to apply for work when the job market opens again.  If we wait until the job market opens we will have a HUGE pressure to get people into jobs who don’t have the coping skills (physical or emotional) to deal with being back at  work.

Here are 5 things we are doing with people who are recovering, rehabilitating, and waiting for work to become available…

Latest blog by Purpleco


Health Benefits of Good Work

Rehabiliation Counsellors work with individuals experiencing disability, injury or social disadvantage to obtain, maintain and regain employment.  The Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) is an initiative from the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) of The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP). This initiative is based on compelling Australasian and international evidence that good work is beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing and that long term work absence, work disability and unemployment generally have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.


Peruse and share our blog offerings of interest for those working in the Allied Health community… click here!



Rehab Cast: The Rehabilitation Medicine Update

The audio hub for rehabilitation medicine produced by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the field’s top journal. Hosted by Dr. Ford Vox. Each episode features in-depth interviews with scientists publishing in the journal and news briefs relevant to all rehabilitation clinicians – PM&R physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, psychologists and more.

Occupational Therapy Insights

Occupational Therapy Insights is a show for parents, educational professionals, and occupational therapists, that delves into the world of occupational therapy. Here occupational therapy is broken down into its simplest form for all to understand. The show is hosted by Dr. Frederick Covington, an occupational therapy professor, author, award winning inventor, and occupational therapy private practice owner.

EnableMe – Stroke Foundation Podcasts

In this EnableMe podcast series, the Stroke Founds bring together stroke survivors, health professionals and researchers with practical advice for stroke survivors to reclaim their life after stroke.



The Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway (AARP) is a set of care standards for aphasia management. It has been designed for speech pathologists to help guide person-centered, evidence-based aphasia services. It aims to optimise the overall rehabilitation journey for people with aphasia and their families/friends.  The Australian Aphasia Rehabilitation Pathway was officially launched by Professor Linda Worrall in 2014 and is under review this year.  Check out the facts about Stroke and Aphasia.


Life After Stroke by American Stroke Association

There is life – and hope – after stroke. With time, new routines will become second nature. Rehabilitation can build your strength, capability and confidence. It can help you continue your daily activities despite the effects of your stroke.

View the Life After Stroke Guide for Patients and Caregivers.


Why is Social Distancing a Must for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities?

As a rehab therapist, what can we do to make sure our patients stay safe and well?   In this article, we’ll take a look at the medical facts known about the coronavirus, the current federal and state regulations that apply to inpatient rehab facilities, and the guidelines that we are following to ensure patient safety and well-being at all times.


Need supervision, mentoring or support? Register you interest today- Click here!


Equipment and Resources

FND workbook for patients. This workbook has been developed to help patients have guidance on their recovery journey. It is a tool which can help patients to better understand Functional Neurological Disorders and where they can keep track of they have learnt and accomplished from the various therapies.
A document that can be used with patients suffering with FND, to work on a relapse prevention plan.



LifeTech Live Your potential

Lifetech logo

LifeTec can recommend and acquire a wide range of Assistive Technology products to support complex needs. These are includes;

  • Aids For Low Vision
  • Bathing, Showering and Toileting
  • Communication and information equipment
  • Home Modifications

Find out more about their Assistive Technology Product Database. Hop on over the website for inspiration!



Vald Health+ Telehab

TeleHab allows you to quickly search, build, save, assign and monitor your clients’ exercise programs, removing some of the biggest hassles of traditional exercise prescription platforms. Get Telehab for FREE



To keep up with what’s going on in  rehabilitation practice we’ve collated the latest research articles and journals for you.

COVID-19 and Occupational Therapy Rehabilitation

New research indicates a significant role of rehabilitation for people recovering from COVID-19. WFOT submitted a statement to the World Health Organization regarding occupational therapy and COVID-19 rehabilitation that was published as part of the World Health Assembly proceedings. WFOT has also developed a public statement regarding Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation of People Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The statement promotes understanding of the implications of the emerging research for access to occupational therapy.



Self-care 2020


Self Care 2020: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

The Self Care 2020 issue will provide you with tools and advice to help improve your quality of life as a person and a hard-working healthcare professional from managing stress to practicing self-care during a pandemic to creating your own personal brand.



President of Sports Dietitian Australia and Advanced Sports Dietitian Simone Austin, is giving her time and nutrition advice to help our emergency care workers refuel and to prioritise their own health.  “They need to be eating and drinking, looking after their health, to perform at their best, just like the athlete’s we work with do”.  Simone said.



Featured event

Check out the line-up of amazing speakers that will be taking you and your practice on a journey to ELEVATE2020 and beyond during the Virtual Private Practice Success Conference taking place on 29, 30 & 31 July 2020.

Secure your Tickets here:

private practice success



This workshop teaches therapists how to minimise lower limb impairments in people post-stroke and increase engagement in activities such as sitting, standing up, sitting down and walking.

This webinar will highlight the results of a recent systematic review investigating physical activity levels post-diagnosis of women with ovarian cancer, the relationship between physical activity levels and health outcomes and the effect of exercise interventions for women with ovarian cancer.






Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


Sarena Jones

Occupational Therapist

Senior Clinician, QLD Health

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

Founder @ Australian Allied Health Awards

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