ALLIED HEALTH Link Round Up Blog MAY 2018

Here at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES we post our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for you to save time and keep up to date! Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links / resources / events / cool stuff you as a HP should be all over…

Special mentions to our OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY colleagues this month!

Health Blogs & Influencers

Not sure where you’re health career is headed? Feeling dissatisfied? COACHING is the answer you have been looking for! What is Coaching and what can it do for me?? Start getting some of your answers here!Check out Mastery of Doing – Bronwyn is an OT, a qualified COACH & the Co-Chair of the OTA Coaching Special Interest Group… Great little snippets on her site to get you pondering and reflecting like  Trying To Do It All??  and the importance of Downtime

Oh & she’s presenting a webinar July 11th on MASTERING YOUR DREAMS (where tickets also include a FREE consultation!) Bargain!!


OT Coach is a UK site with some great resources and blogs too …  and while you’re at it check out the International Coach Federation – for CPD requirements  if you’re considering training in the COACHING area of practice



An Occupational Therapist’s Guide To Twitter This is an awesome little starting point for any Health Professional looking to join ‘the conversation’…  Are you a TWITTER fan???




Do you know MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID??Great training and resources for both health professionals and also the general public!


Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN)

FREE webinars & great resources such as Evidence Based Treatments For People Living With Borderline Personality Disorder  & Recognising & Managing Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Equipment & Resources

Audiology Equipment – Cochlear Implants 

Selected specialist companies and manufacturers that deal exclusively with audiology equipment are given in this section of the World Audiology Resources website.


Australian Music Therapy Association -Resources

AMTA publications provide a valuable source of information.  They’re designed to explain how music therapy can be used in a variety of settings. They can be downloaded for free (apart from AJMT) or hard copies can be purchased for a small cost.  Great resources for your team, practice or department to have on hand!


Body In Mind 

Fantastic MDT research into the role of the brain and mind in chronic pain, the brain child of Professor Lorimer Mosely… this is now the most significant online presence in the pain science area and definitely worth keeping on your radar – videos, podcasts, resources, latest research all available here…

I also love the ‘research that needs you!‘ section – have a look at the current research projects in this area and keep your patients abreast of potential opportunities to get involved with what’s going on!


Private Practice

Telehealth tips  

How to pick the right platform and get started in your solo or small private practice… PS: Allied Health Virtual Conference are hosting a HOW TO TELEHEALTH webinar 9th July!


What’s your Plan B? Why every successful entrepreneur needs one.  Being a successful entrepreneur means having a Plan B, C and sometimes D.

Why finally solving the Rubik’s Cube has been good for my business  Not content with running a business and raising four children I thought I’d set myself a new challenge: solving the Rubik’s Cube – Matthew White

6 simple ways to invest time rather than money into your business idea When it comes to building our dream solo business, capital can be the one thing we can’t can’t always count on, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get started.


Self Care

Is it getting colder where you are?  I love to get some Winter SUNSHINE action but we often forget just how important it is for many of our clients too…The Health Benefits of Some Sun Exposure  We all know getting too much sun damages the skin, but small amounts of regular exposure can improve your bone health, immunity, mood and circadian rhythms…


Feeling a little Burnt Out?  Read this, hire an OT (YOU or YOUR MATE!) and give yourself some of your own advice… Read The Gifts Of Being Your Own OT – STAT and OT yourself happy again!



Presenters: Marga Grey, (Occ Therapist), Eve Reed (Dietitian) & Kylie Martin (Speech Pathologist)


Presenter: Chris McCarroll – Allied Health Marketing


Presenter: Jo Muirhead  – Purple Co


Presenter: Becky Zropf  – Occupational Therapist & Director @ Workcom


Presenter: Chris McCarroll – Allied Health Marketing

JUNE 4 / OTA – WEBINAR SERIES: Business Basics for Establishing an OT Private Practice

JUNE 29 / SPA – QLD Paediatric Fluency: What To Do When

JUNE 30 / NSW | AAPSM : Advanced Foot and Ankle Taping Techniques


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