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Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – March 2021

We here at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you time wherever we can… SO here is our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure!

Anything you want to be featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round-up blog at the end of every month…



Maintaining a healthy brain will help our mind, as well as the minds of our family and clients, stay clear and active so that we can continue to work, rest and play. Read up and learn the latest …



Let’s join FND Hope to spread awareness across the globe about FND! We can increase awareness by making a donation OR posting FND educational resources through our social media channels!

Let’s help others become FND aware! Visit the FND Hope website for more information …



The 30th of May is WORLD MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) DAY. World MS Day brings a community of individuals, from around the globe, together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by MS.  Visit the MS Australia website to check out the activities and get involved!




Sarena Jones – Occupational Therapist, Director of Allied Health Support Services and Founder of the Australian Allied Health Awards.

Sarena Jones head shotAfter graduating from Charles Sturt University in NSW, Sarena began her career with an occupational rehabilitation role for youth with brain injuries then spent several years in acute and rehabilitative rotational positions across Victorian hospitals.  Shortly after she travelled to the UK and worked across London and regional areas in general acute, geriatric, cardiac rehabilitation, complex neurological rehabilitation, acquired brain injury, rapid response, intermediate care and community health / social services positions.


Sarena is passionate about supporting, linking and celebrating health professionals … that’s why she founded the Australian Allied Health Awards!


An infographic shows the essential FACTS of leadership vs. management and their difference.

To see the full infographic, visit the Mind Tools website.



IN THE KNOW: UNDERSTANDING THE DYNAMICS OF CEREBRAL PALSY SERIES written by our content contributor Mia J Kacen an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in Sydney and founder of Mia’s Health.

A detailed exploration of cerebral palsy – What is it? Where is the brain affected? How does it manifest in our body? Read the full blog here…


Why You Need a Second Brain? why does this matter? How does a second brain benefit your business? by Glen Long


Great RESOURCES on Brain Health provided by the American Heart Association

  • A fact sheet about poor brain health.
  • 7 steps to keep your brain healthy from childhood to old age (video).
  • My life check/life’s simple 7 – an online tool that helps people assess and track their heart health information and gain a better understanding of their risk of heart disease and stroke.



These podcasts are radio programs that you can download or listen to online with a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Visit the Stroke Foundation – EnableMe website to find out more.

The EnableMe podcast series brings together stroke survivors, health professionals and researchers with practical advice for reclaiming your life after stroke.

The Young Stroke Podcast provides a platform for younger stroke survivors and their support crews to share their stories, along with tips on living a good life post-stroke.


Total Brain App

The Total Brain app allows individuals to self-monitor brain capacities, screen for mental health risks and improve overall mental health and brain performance with self-care exercises that are scientifically proven to improve overall brain capacity and mental health. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play.


Professional Development Library

The Allied Health Support Services PD Library is full of FREE resources, guest blogs and webinars / presentations  for allied health professionals. Access them anytime, anywhere!



Sixty percent of people who experience a stroke will develop a swallowing difficulty (dysphagia) – view these fact sheets to find out more:


After Information on Parkinson’s? 

The Parkinson’s Australia Information Sheets contain valuable information and advice on a range of Parkinson’s-specific subjects. Check out the Information Sheets currently available.


The Science Behind How the Coronavirus Affects the Brain

New research could help explain why thousands of Covid-19 survivors are facing debilitating neurological symptoms months after initially getting sick. Watch the full video here.

Illustration: Nick Collingwood/WSJ


Professional Development

MS Get a Head Start is an evidence-based, therapist lead exercise program that changes lives for those living with MS.

They offer an online course “An innovative six week high intensity exercise and education program to empower self-management for your clients living with MS”. Find out more…

An introduction to treating the neurologic bowel and bladder by CPD4Physio (recording)

This recording Masterclass includes: an introduction to bladder and bowel anatomy, neuroanatomy and physiology; testing for neurogenic bladder and bowel; and implications for patients with conditions such as Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injury.



Keep up to date with the LATEST! 

Role of Music Therapy in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: World Neurosurgery, Volume 146, February 2021, Pages 197-204 published at ScienceDirect.

Physical exercise effects on the brain during COVID-19 pandemic: links between mental and cardiovascular health: Neurological Sciences volume 42pages1325–1334(2021)  published at SpringerLink.


Looking for an article for brain exercises to improve memory, cognition, and creativity?

This article outlines 22 brain exercises that may help boost memory, cognition, and creativity. Read here…


How Intergenerational Trauma Shapes The Mind, Body, and Spirit with Mariel Buquè, PhD

Dr. Buquè, a trained and licensed psychologist, holistic mental health expert, and sound bath meditation healer talks about how she uses the Spirit and soul within her practical framework.  Podcast by Joy Energy Time listen to the whole episode here. 



Global Summit on Neurology

“Advancements and breakthroughs in the fields of Neurology”


2021 INSIGHT Into Parkinson’s “BRAVE NEW WORLD”

12 Month Series, launching with INSIGHT LIVE on World Parkinson’s Day – the 11th of April.

FREE registration includes 30 day access to PD Warrior’s Tribe 365.

13th Australian Aphasia Association National Conference

June 1st, 2021 – June 29th, 2021

Online Zoom conference, with the theme of “relationships”


8th National Brain Injury Conference

July 20th, 2021 – July 22nd, 2021

The University of Sydney, Camperdown, NSW

 8th National Brain Injury Conference


Registration now open for the 2021 Speech Pathology Australia virtual national conference.


Australian Allied Health Awards is a great opportunity to network and meet Allied Health Professionals working in the same field as you are!!

Gala tickets are now on sale!



More Events

25th International Conference on Neurology & Neurophysiology5th – 6th of April 2021 (webinar)

International Conference on Alzheimer and Dementia – 17th – 18th of May, 2021 (webinar)

10th International Conference on Brain Disorders and Therapeutics – 24th – 25th of May, 2021 (webinar)



Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionalsrule


Sarena Jones

Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

Founder @Australian Allied Health Awards


Allied Health Support Services is a supportive community and information platform full of all things relevant to Allied Health professionals … stay connected, keep up to date with the latest, chat, support, step outside your comfort zone and your own profession!

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