Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – March 2018


We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can… SO here is our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure!

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12/4/18           Why Value Is Your Business’ Biggest Lever     – Claire Edwards

17/4/18           Website – Advanced Skills                   – Chris McCarroll

20/4/17           Cultivating Culture in you Practice         – Tristan White & Ben Lynch

30/4/18           Constraint Induced Therapy–Upper Limb     – Phillip Fay

Australian ALLIED HEALTH Awards

Nominations are now open and there are heaps of categories so every Allied Health Professional can get involved and actually get some of the love and recognition they deserve…  (& CASH & PRIZES!!!)  Nominate yourself or a colleague – it’s quick, easy and FUN!


Allied Health Professions Australia   –  Australian Telehealth Conference 2018  11-12 April


Autism Understanding  –  Beyond IQ Scores: Clinical Value of Behavioural Observations during Cognitive and Developmental Assessments,  4 April, Sydney


2018 Pain Society & NZ Pain Society – Conjoint Annual Scientific Meeting,  8-11 April


Speech Pathology Australia – National Conference  

27-30 May, Adelaide Convention Centre






The ultimate soloist? Have a little look at what we can learn from Ed Sheeran Inc. from Flying Solo  I like Ed Sheeran a lot … his music and as a bloke. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. And I reckon we could all learn a lot from Ed’s business strategy, write’s David Koch.


Blogs & Influencers


Meet Gut-Health Guru Megan Rossi


Megan is wildly popular in dietetics and rightly so… She earned her PhD in gut health and is now working on ground-breaking gut health research in London whilst educating her passionate following of thousands on social media!  Meet Dr Megan Rossi  – or, as she’s known on Instagram, @theguthealthdoctor. Have a read of her interview in Dietitian Connection’s online mag Infuse (March 2018).


Evidence Blogs for OTs

This is SO fab! A lovely series of blogs written by an Occupational Therapist in the US, who has a stack of clinical and teaching experience. These blogs are written with the purpose of creating discussion amongst clinicians and students and embedding current evidence in a variety of clinical areas… This is her latest offering on OT & Delirium Management


Mastery of Doing

Bronwyn is a delight as well as an OT and a qualified Life Coach…  Get some support to find your passion and chase your goals!

Have a look at her website and her offerings – I particularly like this blog title When Time Management Isn’t Working For You!


Equipment & Resources


A Guide For Parents on Tongue Tie

Speech Pathology Australia have just released this guide for parents and health professionals in response to frequently asked questions.  Research shows tongue-tie surgery is rarely needed to help improve either a child or an adult’s speech….
Have a look on the Speech Pathology Australia website but you need to be a member to gain access to this new guide.


Online Physio

Karen is an experienced physiotherapist and also the founder of this awesome company – Physio Online, which was Australia’s first entirely online, publicly accessible physiotherapy private practice.  Karen was a founding member of the International Society of Digital Medicine and will be presenting a virtual conference on the basics of TELEHEALTH for ALLIED HEALTH VIRTUAL CONFERENCE on the 9th of July.

Karen has a great little E-Course on Laptop Health too.  Check out this little vlog on Strength Exercises for Neck Pain for Laptop Workers! Yes I’m talking to you… (and me…)



Stroke Foundation

FREE Public Lecture Series – Big Solutions for a Big Country

Professor Chris Bladin discusses telemedicine and the latest in stroke research.


Self Care   


5 Ways To De-Clutter Your Mind

Having a cluttered mind can make you feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Learning how to offload your daily mental clutter can help you live in a more positive way. Check out five of the best ways to de-clutter your mind.



Unplug Yourself This Easter Long Weekend…

Like reading? Like an actual BOOK?? Jump over and have a look at this titles – Novels You Can Knock Off In A Long Weekend




SPECT Imaging Predicts Outcomes For Those with Depression

 A new SPECT imaging study reveals those with treatment resistant depression have lower cerebral blood flow within the frontal, parietal and temporal lobes


Check out these interesting reads from the latest – Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport


Bennie, JA., Wiesner, GH., van Uffelen, JGZ., Harvey, JT., Craike, M.J & Biddle, SJH. (2017). Assessment and monitoring practices of Australian fitness professionals. Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport, July; 433-438.

Elite Athletes – Training Loads & Sleep

Knufinke, M., Train hard, sleep well? Perceived training load, sleep quantity and sleep stage distribution in elite level athletes. Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport, July; 427-432.




Emergency Care Institute  

Check out this awesome site they have super handy CLINICAL RESOURCES from patient education and handouts, to information on apps, to clinical guidelines and links… These guys cover everything from head injury to headaches to pain management to paediatrics and everything in between – anything you might see in emergency! Great resources here, pop over and have a look…


Advance Care Planning Australia

A routine part of health and personal care

Advance care planning is a routine part of a person’s health care. When a person’s values are discussed openly, their healthcare preferences can be respected at a time when they cannot voice their decisions. It’s an ongoing process that needs cooperation between individuals, their families, care workers, and health professionals as well as community organisations and healthcare organisations.

Check out these great forms and resources for YOU and YOUR CLIENTS…


Private Practice  


Claire Edwards – Healthy Healthcare Business

This wonderful clever woman is changing the Australian Healthcare landscape, one business at a time.

Claire has developed the Healthcare Business Assessment Tool (HHB-Assessment) and Healthy Healthcare Business Report Card. This is a free on-line self-assessment tool designed for healthcare professionals to have a straightforward, step-by-step process to help them assess, measure and compare the current state of their business practices with other healthcare businesses.  Head over and do your free your HHB-Assessment then sit back and await your report card and tailored advice!



Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

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