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Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – June 2021

We here at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you time wherever we can … on that note, here is our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure!

Anything you want to be featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round-up blog at the end of every month…

Special mention to all ALLIED HEALTH BUSINESS OWNERS & PRIVATE PRACTICES  for this month…

 Whether you’re in the business of health or you’re considering moving into private practice, there is something awesome in this blog for everyone!!!

New Access for Small Business Owners (NASBO), has been launched to provide small business owners, including sole traders, with the support they need.

The program developed by Beyond Blue, offers a free and confidential mental health coaching program over 6 sessions, providing you with practical skills to manage stress and get you back to feeling like yourself. 

The NewAccess coaching program is available nationally by phone or video call  (from Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm AEST) and requires NO doctor’s referral or mental health treatment plan.  For inquiries or questions visit the Beyond Blue website! 


The Benefits of Improved Numbers in your Private Practice by Gerda Muller

I’d like you to take your clinician hat off for a moment and instead put on your business owner hat, as we get ready to delve into the reality of how better numbers in your private practice can serve you, your team and clients in better ways. Read the full article here! 

How Telepractice can benefit your private practice by Praktis Partners

Allied Health Professional’s and Private Practice owners can use this digital platform to connect with people with disabilities in remote areas throughout Australia, allowing patients who don’t have access to local programs to receive the support they need. Read and learn…

Work-Life Balance and Career Success – is it Possible to Have Them Both? By Augmentum Consulting

There are so many benefits to having a healthy balance between our work and personal lives; benefits that allow us to thrive in all aspects of our lives – if we get the balance right – at least most of the time. So, how do we achieve work-life balance? Augmentum Consulting compiled a few strategies that could help you to achieve it for yourself.  Click here to find out more!

Allied Health Support Services Guest Blogs

Why every clinician needs to learn business analytics, even if it scares them – Guest blog by Natasha Ace

When I meet with clinicians and we speak about aspects of the therapeutic journey, the conversation of their bio often comes up.  Clinicians often reference that they provide a safe and supportive environment.  When I ask for the clinician to describe what they do to ensure the client feels safe clinicians will tell me that a part of safety is ensuring that the client feels connected, understood, heard. Continue reading…

11 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me Early In My Career by Kaye Frankcom

Private psychology practice is no longer a cottage industry. It requires vision, clinical expertise, leadership and business acumen. I would like to share with you some of the Business Tips I have gleaned from working in private psychology practice for nearly 30 years. Read more…

Peruse our blog offerings of interest for those working in the Allied Health community… click here!

Equipments & Resources

My First Health

The complete digital engagement solution. With MyHealth1st you and your patients are seamlessly connected at every step of the way, so you can help them get well sooner and stay well longer. Connect, manage and engage with your patients at every step of their healthcare journey.

Learn how @MyHealth1st can help your Allied Health practice today!


Private Practice Alliance

Practice to Profit

Your ultimate solution to end the constant DIY in your Private Practice and start building a business that will stand the test of time. 

This Video Course will take the guesswork out of Private Practice by helping you navigate the clinical and business worlds, assist you in streamlining your life, and make your business truly sustainable.  

Find out more by visiting their website!


Power-Up Your Practice! Want to reduce client no-shows, streamline your operations, and claim back your evenings? Try Power Diary – the practice management system used and loved by thousands of therapists.

Start now for 50% off your first 6 months!


Injury Management Resources by OT Seeker

These pages offer a specialised resource for occupational therapists to locate research and resources about injury management for people who have sustained spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or other traumatic injuries. It contains bibliographic research information about the effectiveness of injury management interventions, assessments, the possible course of injury recovery, and consumer experiences. 

Workplace Health Consulting by Beyond Pain

Beyond pain was founded by Anjelo Ratnachandra. Anjelo is a Senior Physiotherapist and Counsellor with over 20 years of experience in chronic illness, recovery and wellbeing. 

Beyond Pain offers different services like personal wellness and coaching, workplace health consulting,  keynote speaking and videohealth. They also offer FREE resources for download! Visit the Beyond Pain website to find out more.

Allied Health Support Services has a library of FREE resources, including webinars and presentations, for health professionals! Topics range from business and marketing to neurological rehabilitation and paediatrics.  Sign up today to access all these amazing resources for FREE! 

Research and Literature

Unconscious bias and how clinicians can address racial inequities in medicine

Benton, R. (2021). Unconscious bias and how clinicians can address racial inequities in medicine. Journal Of The American Academy Of Physician Assistants34(6), 51-53.

Identification of subgroup effect with an individual participant data meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of three different types of therapist-delivered care in low back pain

Hee, S., Mistry, D., Friede, T., Lamb, S., Stallard, N., Underwood, M., & Patel, S. (2021). Identification of subgroup effect with an individual participant data meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials of three different types of therapist-delivered care in low back pain. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders22(1).

Club, country and clinicians united: ensuring collaborative care in elite sport medical handovers

Weiler, R., Collinge, R., Ewens, J., Gouttebarge, V., Massey, A., & Bennett, P. et al. (2021). Club, country and clinicians united: ensuring collaborative care in elite sport medical handovers. British Journal Of Sports Medicine, bjsports-2021-104146.

Health & Wellness

The Link Between Self-care and Financial Health by Jo Muirhead

We all know the compounding effects that anxietyguilt and shame have on our clients as we work with them through their recovery and healing, yet we rarely acknowledge the detrimental effect that our money stress has on our ability to practice our self-care. If you removed money worries from your life, would you feel cared for? Read this interesting article written by Jo Muirhead. 

Allied Health Events

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is presenting a two-day transforming work virtual event in order to bring psychologists, researchers, business leaders and professionals together to hear about evidence-based approaches to workforce strategy.

Handwriting & CO-OP: Evidence to Practice by Assoc. Prof. Elspeth Froude

This 1 hour, online (Zoom), professional development webinar is for therapists & educators working with children who are struggling with handwriting! This client-centred, performance-based therapy approach also has the potential to benefit many children who struggle with everyday living tasks like dressing, using cutlery, playing musical instruments, playing sport etc. Presented by Assoc. Professor Elspeth Froude (PhD)

Date: 19 July 2021

Creating an Online Course for Your Practice – Five Stages to Success

This interactive, free training program by Market Savvy is designed for Allied Health Practitioners, General Practitioners and Specialists. Learn the process involved in successfully creating an online course for your practice to reach more people and change more lives at scale so you can transition from selling “time” to selling a “product” and gain more flexibility and freedom.

Date: 27 July 2021

2021 International Mental Health Conference

The International Mental Health Conference is designed for professionals, workers and volunteers to learn best practice, grow meaningful connections and implement real solutions to mental health care. 

Date: 26-28 July 2021

Healthcare Leadership Forum

Returning in August, the Healthcare Leaders Forum arrives at a critical juncture for the nation’s healthcare community.

Date: 3-4 August 2021 

THRIVE 2021 Physiotherapy Conference

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is proud to announce their newest conference, THRIVE 2021, which will provide a multi-faceted program to help Allied Health Professionals not just survive, but THRIVE in your professional life. 

Date: 21-23 October 2021


Australian Allied Health Awards

Be part of the 2020-2021 Australian Allied Health Awards! Join us as we celebrate the hard work and dedication of the countries top Allied Health individuals and teams. For more details about the GALA – head to the website!

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Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

Founder @Australian Allied Health Awards

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