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I Have Fussy Eaters: Confessions of a Dietitian Mum

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I Have Fussy Eaters: Confessions of a Dietitian Mum


My almost 6-year-old son has decided that he is a fussy eater. After 5+ years of pretty good eating habits, he has told us that he doesn’t like chicken, or foods with any spices in them, or veggies that he used to like. My 4-year-old son continues to challenge us at mealtimes. His favourite word is yuk and he has also decided that he doesn’t like stir fries, or veggies or chicken pie, which was his favourite meal a month ago! Yes I have fussy eaters! Continue reading..

Smart Eating Fast Facts- Give your kids the best start, by choosing mainly from these five food groups every day.  Click here


8 ways to build emotional and mental resilience

Resilience is something that can be taught and learned. It is forged through lived experience and polished to a shine by repeated passes of the stuff of life – the little stuff and the very big stuff too. Every child’s resilience can be grown in purposeful ways through focus at home and school on the 8 ways to build mental and emotional life-buffers. Download your FREE ‘8 Ways to Build Resilience’ poster.


8 Tips for therapists starting out in paediatrics

Emily Hayles is the principle physiotherapist and owner of Move and Play Paediatric Therapy, share her tips to help you when starting out as a therapist in developmental paediatrics Whether you are a new graduate just starting, an experienced therapist wanting a career change or a regional or rural therapist who finds themselves with a referral for a child – developmental paediatrics can sometimes be a daunting area to work in if you have not done so before.


Helping Students and Their Families Accept Stuttering

Sharing practical advice and personal insights about the facts of stuttering can help families understand it.


The Tech Industry’s War on Kids

How psychology is being used as a weapon against children?  These parents say kids’ extreme overuse of phones, video games, and social media is the most difficult parenting issue they face — and, in many cases, is tearing the family apart. Preteen and teen girls refuse to get off their phones, even though it’s remarkably clear that the devices are making them miserable.  Read the full story…


Equipment & Resources

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COORDIKIDS is an online programs to encourage typical development in all children.  Developed by Marga Grey, an experienced paediatric occupational therapist.  Marga uses training, experience, and learning of over 40 years to make it easy and affordable for children to access targeted exercises that support typical development and the foundational skills necessary, for learning and coping in life.


Hidden Diffability

A book interviewing families about Aspergers Syndrome by Lyndelle Kennedy. The Hidden Diffability series has been written to fill a gap for Australian families. While Aspergers Syndrome does not recognise international borders, the methods for obtaining an assessment, funding, and practical and emotional support does change from country to country.


Zones of Regulation Activities

Check out these DIY Zones activities by The OT Toolbox that you can make as part of your paediatric therapy treatment. There are zones of regulation posters, worksheets, self-regulation checks, zones of regulation games, and even ‘cootie catchers’. All of these regulation tools are strategies to help kids become more aware of their self, in order to function.


Creative Child Therapy Workshops

Hands-on training and creative ideas for therapists working with children and families, throughout Australia.. Check out their FREE RESOURCES…


MyBurrow® NEW Sensory Learning Tool

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Safe, tough, flexible

For Multi-age & multi-ability

Can address multiple goals

Targets anxiety, attention, sensory integration, fine/gross motor issues

Orders:  Training: YouTube: MyBurrow



Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

To redeem your discount, enter this code AUTQLD99


A percentage of each sale will be donated to Autism Queensland to assist in continuing their excellent work helping people with an Autism Spectrum disorder achieve their full potential.




To grow up healthy, children need to sit less and play more…

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Clinical Guidelines for paediatrics


Position statement: Occupational Therapy and Community-Centred Practice

Statement that presents WFOT’s position on Occupational Therapy and Community-Centred Practice. This position statement can be used to promote a shared understanding and to advocate for current and future role development.  Download position statement here.

Speech Pathology And Indigenous Children Fact sheet

Indigenous children have a higher risk of health and other problems than other Australian children. They are twice as likely to be born with low birth weight which can lead to communication difficulties. Speech pathologists working with communities play a role in assisting with access to other specialist medical, allied health or educational services. They may also consult with community services (like prep/preschool/ kindergarten and primary schools) to coordinate care for their clients. Download fact sheet here. 

Interested in delivering ONLINE THERAPY  and connect with the children in rural and remote Australia? Read this blog-  Making an impact in healthcare. Click here



2019 Australian Allied Health Awards

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Combine your tickets and SAVE!


Secure your ticket to the biggest Allied Health NETWORKING and SOCIAL event of the year! Join us as the very best in Allied Health come together to celebrate and inspire each other. What’s included? Click to find out…

This year, $2 from every ticket sold, goes to BEYOND BLUE to support their 24/7 helpline…





         Be updated with these latest studies!

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Children’s Podiatry offer education and mentoring for podiatrists, by podiatrists.


Self Care

Caregiving and the importance of self-care and nutrition

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Parents and care-givers work hard towards a quality of life for their child that is filled with opportunity, equality and inclusion. However, there are also many unique challenges and demands that arise from supporting a child who is highly dependent, and these often take their toll physically and emotionally leading to chronic distress and burnout. The Value of Self- Care, Read on…



Latest podcast from Emerging Minds is now available!  Hear from Dr. Sara Whitburn about the role of GPs in promoting children’s resilience and mental health. Supporting child mental health in general practice.


AAP National Conference & Exhibition

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AAP National Conference & Exhibition


The AAP National Conference & Exhibition is the premier venue for paediatric health care professionals to come together and share their passion for the health of all children. Conference registration and hotel reservations is NOW OPEN!


WEBINAR – Paeds in a Pod: The Standard Paediatric Consult. What to Cover and When…

Join Dr Helen Banwell and Simone Cranage for a casual but informative review of the GALLOP tool, a standardised paediatric assessment template that can help us all talk the same talk, and walk the same walk. Click here to find out more…


Join Australian Conference for Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ACND2019) from September 19th – 21st 2019. This is an opportunity to create a collaborative, multi-disciplinary community that is networked globally delivering applications of research to develop excellence in the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders.

8th SNAICC National Conference

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The conference is convened to assist with the achievement of the SNAICC vision: An Australian society in which our communities are empowered to determine their own future; where the rights of our children, young people and families are protected; where our cultural identity and achievements are valued; and our children and families have access to culturally appropriate services. Click to find out more…

Early Childhood Australia National Conference 2019

‘From vision to action’ is the theme for Early Childhood Australia’s (ECA) National Conference, to be held in Hobart, Tasmania, from 25–28 September 2019. The 2019 conference will expand on ECA’s strategic priorities to progress its vision of ‘Every young child is thriving and learning’.  Early bird prices are available for a limited time only! Book now to ensure you don’t miss out on the discounted rate!


Speech Pathology Australia Workshop

Registrations open for “Childhood Apraxia of Speech Treatment Across the Lifespan” by Professor Tricia McCabe on Friday 26 July 2019 in Melbourne. Early Bird for event is 10 July 2019.

Occupational Therapy Australia Workshop

This is a three day workshop (Thursday 26, Friday 27 & Saturday 28 September 2019) has been developed in response to the increase in demand for paediatric therapists. The Art of Paediatric Therapy– Developing competence through confidence (NSW).

Australian Association for Infant Mental Health National Conference

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we would like to invite you to attend the Australian Association for Infant Mental Health National Conference, which will be held in Adelaide, South Australia from the 4th – 7th September, 2019. The theme of the meeting is Our Infants – Infant Mental Health is a Public Health Matter.


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