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Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – July 2021

We here at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you time wherever we can … on that note, here is our monthly LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure!

Anything you want to be featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round-up blog at the end of every month…

Featuring RESEARCH & LEADERSHIP this month..

What helped you develop your leadership skills? Please share your resources, struggles, and successes in the comments below. 

GrowthRx Webinar Series with SARENA JONES

GrowthRx founder Jade Scott chatted with Sarena last year for the GworthRx webinar series. In this episode, Sarena shared what leadership means to her and what inspired her to start Allied Health Support Services and the Australian Allied Health Awards.

The Australian Allied Health Awards Gala will be held on the 25th of September in Sydney. Hope to see all you AMAZING Allied Health Professionals there! 

Watch the video here…


What is a Visionary Leadership Style?

This blog, written by MTD Management Training Specialist, discusses what the different leadership styles are, where visionary leadership came from, the characteristics of a visionary leader, the styles pros and cons and provides some examples of role models and leaders who have demonstrated this particular style. Read here…

6 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills for Research by SIGMA XI The Scientific Research Honer Society

Researchers with strong leadership skills can understand the technical aspects of their job and motivate team members, strategize, advance projects, and stick to a budget. In today’s competitive job market, acquiring leadership skills can also facilitate promotions, salary increases, and new career options.  Read more…

Be a discerning consumer of research by Prof. SARAVANA KUMAR

There were several issues to successfully engaging with EBP and research, beginning with the research itself. Research often was conflicting, contradictory or confusing and when clinicians tried to engage it, it was not in a consumable form. They didn’t have anyone to help or mentor them to “unpack” what the research was about. When clinicians did want to engage with research, there were limitations in terms of accessing research as many did not have expensive subscriptions or they did not know who to approach to ask for help. Blog is written by our content contributor Prof. Saravana Kumar.  

Peruse our blog offerings of interest for those working in the Allied Health community… click here!


Allied Health Courses – LeadershipRx 

Develop the skills you need to lead a more productive team and inspire meaningful change in patient’s and client’s lives. Emerge from this course a better clinic owner, practitioner, and leader. Register your interest.

Connect and grow through world-class leadership and education – join the GrowthRx discussion group. 

Allied Health Courses by GrowthRX


This site was launched to ease access and improve research appraisal relevant to all communication and swallowing disorders. The site’s administrators apply the PEDro-P rating scale to research but there is also an online training session offered, so the everyday health professional can better understand the rating scale and what to consider when reading research.  You can sign up for monthly newsletters too.

Hunter Medical research Institute

Leading research for life-changing results… HMRI raises funds and awareness for important translational health and medical research. Visit the website…

FND Hope (Research for health professionals)

Advancing research on FND is a key part of FND Hope’s mission and critical for improving patient care. Read to learn more about how FND Hope collaborates with professionals on research projects.

COVID-19 Resources

Clinical Effectiveness COVID-19 Resources Available to All

You can use this page provided by Wolters Kluwer to find the most recent COVID-19 related updates to help quickly connect you to vital information. View a categorised collection of all up-to-date COVID-19 content including clinical topics, algorithms, patient education and society guideline links.  All COVID-19 content listed here remains free to all.

Watch and learn from our AMAZING content contributor Saravana Kumar, an Associate Professor at the University of South Australia & Physiotherapist, as he speaks about CRITICAL APPRAISALS

Allied Health Support Services has a library of FREE resources, including webinars and presentations, for health professionals! Topics range from business and marketing to neurological rehabilitation and paediatrics.  Sign up today to access amazing resources, podcasts, webinars and blogs for FREE! 

Research and Literature

Analysis of Leader Effectiveness in Organization and Knowledge Sharing Behavior on Employees and Organization

The aim of this study is to analyze the relationships between leadership effectiveness, knowledge sharing behavior, business performance, firm strategy, and firm performance.

Fatma Sonmez Cakir, Zafer Adiguzel, SAGE Open

Managerial Leadership for Research Use in Nursing and Allied Health Care Professions: a Systematic Review

The purpose of this systematic review was to identify the leadership behaviours of managers that are associated with research use by clinical staff in nursing and allied health professionals.

Gifford, W.A., Squires, J.E., Angus, D.E. et al. Managerial leadership for research use in nursing and allied health care professions: a systematic review. Implementation Sci 13, 127 (2018).


Help shape the future of MS research and advocacy priorities by taking part in the survey. 


Health & Wellness

5 Ways to Add Self-care Into Your Busy Schedule by Dr. Happy

Self-care is necessary to your optimal health and survival on this planet. If you want to truly thrive in your business and home life, it’s time to add nourishment to your routine. Feeling replenished from the inside out will bring you gifts of more energy, creativity and greater space for problem-solving and time for the things you love. Here are five ways to add self-care into your busy schedule

How to Stop Reacting in Anger When You’re Triggered by Tiny Buddha

Learning to navigate our triggers not only enables us to take back control and enjoy life more, it has an amazing trickle-down effect to those around us too. It better connects us in our relationships and models for others or our children what it looks like to be gracefully resilient so those in our circles can mimic the same. Read more..

Allied Health Events

Autism at Work Virtual Summit

This virtual event will allow attendees to hear from high profile local and international speakers, including employers, autistic employees and advocates, community organisations, educational institutions, service providers and researchers about how to achieve Sustainable Employment, Sustainable Programs for employees and employers.

Date: 24-25 August

Healthcare Leadership Forum

The Healthcare Leaders Forum secures national and global speakers of unmatched quality and immense authority.  The program is designed to provide attendees with valuable opportunities to connect in-person on the business that matters.

Date: 3-4 August 2021

Unpacking Trauma: APS Members’ Choice Symposium

Unpacking trauma is a CPD event for all psychologists, researchers, mental health professionals, and health care providers who want to learn, develop and expand their knowledge and skills on the complexities of trauma.

Date: 3-4 September

THRIVE 2021 Physiotherapy Conference

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is proud to announce their newest conference, THRIVE 2021, which will provide a multi-faceted program to help Allied Health Professionals not just survive, but THRIVE in their professional life. 

Date: 21-23 October 


Australian Allied Health Awards

This year marks the third year of the Australian Allied Health Awards – Australia’s biggest and most anticipated awards for Allied Health Professionals. The awards celebrate the hard work, commitment and brightest stars across the industry! Join us for pre-dinner drinks, canapes & networking, followed by the awards ceremony and a three course dinner!

For more details about the GALA – head to the website!

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Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services

Founder @Australian Allied Health Awards

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