An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…still holds as true today as it did when Benjamin Franklin spoke these words…!

This month’s round up blog focuses on Preventive Health.  Read up and learn the latest not only for our clients and patients but also for our own health.

We at ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES are looking to save you guys precious time and resources wherever we can. … Hence we do this LINK ROUND UP BLOG for your perusing pleasure! Anything you want featured or chased up?  Let us know!  We produce this awesome round up blog at the end of every month..


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Lisa Genova on TED


Blogs & Influencers


What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s | Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova, a neuroscientist and author of “Still Alice”, shares the latest science investigating the disease — and some promising research on what each of us can do to build an Alzheimer’s-resistant brain. Click here to watch the video.





Six key practice positions for engaging families

Learn from Dan Moss the six practice positions that can be used to help engage parents in conversations about children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Latest Podcast by Emerging Minds. 


The Mindful Dietitian latest podcast- Ep 47 – Deb Benfield RD

Deb Benfield on slowing down, the intersection of yoga & self reflective work, and honouring the ageing body. Tune in now and learn the intersection of yoga & Dietetic practice.


allied health awards


Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System

In collaboration with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and Fitness Australia, Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) launched the newly developed Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System (APSS) which includes an updated Screening Tool and User Guide.

National Bowel Screening Program by the Australian Government

The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) invites eligible people starting at age 50 and continuing to age 74 (without symptoms) to screen for bowel cancer using a free, simple test at home. Click and find out more about the program


Check out this resource that helps you to identify and manage stress…prevents burnout. This document is free to download for your personal use. STRESS & BURNOUT WORKBOOK by Natalie Jack. 


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Digital Resources & Innovations Database

Bowel Cancer App

Free , useful app on bowel cancer prevention, screening and treatment.  Bowel Cancer App, developed by Bowel Cancer Australia, provides up-to-date and practical information on prevention, early detection, treatment and management of bowel cancer. Your health is in your own hands as the Bowel Cancer App delivers easy to use, engaging and interactive resources for when you need them most.  Key features- click here..

Smiling Mind App

Smiling Mind is a FREE mindfulness meditation app developed by psychologists and educators to help bring balance to your life. START YOUR MINDFULNESS JOURNEY TODAY! Download app now! available in google play and App store.


Calm App

Calm App is an app for  sleep, meditation, and relaxation recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts. Join the millions experiencing better sleep, lower stress, and less anxiety with our guided meditations, Sleep Stories, breathing programs, stretching exercises, and relaxing music. Download app for FREE Trial.


Webinar Library by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health

Allied Health Link Round Up Blog

Jean Hailes Logo

Jean Hailes provides a range of webinars and presentations with audio for health professionals. These online educational activities contribute to continuing professional development requirements of health professional peak bodies such as RACGP.

Hop on her website and check out the FREE webinars and presentations.

More resources/Factsheets that you can download from Jean Hailes website

Health Check Fact Sheet

Sexual Health Fact Sheet


Allied Health Support Services Library of FREE webinars and presentations for health professionals, covering clinical, non-clinical and business-based topics- Click here



National framework for action to promote eye health and prevent avoidable blindness and vision loss

This document sets out a strategic national framework for action for the promotion of eye health and the prevention of avoidable blindness. It aims to provide a blueprint for nationally coordinated action by governments, health professionals, non-government organisations, industry and individuals to work in partnership.  Click here to download PDF version

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Vaccination and autism fact sheet


Vaccination and autism fact sheet

This fact sheet provides information about:

-how we know vaccination does not cause autism

-that why some children develop autism is still not understood

-where the misunderstanding that vaccination causes autism came from

Download FACT SHEET here


Australia’s health 2018

Allied Health link Round Up Blog

Australia’s Health 2018


Check out this interesting snapshot of the Health of Australian’s in 2018

Australia’s health 2018 is the AIHW’s 16th biennial report on the health of Australians. It examines a wide range of contemporary topics in a series of analytical feature articles and short statistical snapshots. The report also summarises the performance of the health system against an agreed set of indicators.


Education and Prevention

Health education is important it provides knowledge and skills to promote well being and self-awareness.  Check out the links that provide information for health professionals on how to educate consumers about healthy living and promote disease prevention activities.  Health education and disease prevention links- click here.

Check out more resources on HEALTH TOPICS by the Australian Government


Link up and chat with like-minded professionals in your chosen profession but also across the Allied Health spectrum


Private Practice

Are you using Workplace Wellness strategies in your team or practice?

The psychological wellbeing of people at work is good for everyone and improves individual and organisational resilience and success. We all have a role to play, both in looking after our own mental health and developing and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace. Click to continue reading…


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Preventing injury in the workplace


A Guide To Workplace Hazards & Occupational Safety

Staying safe at work is something we take for granted. While we might not think about it during day-to-day tasks, there’s always the potential our health could be put at risk from unforeseen circumstances. Let’s take a closer look at health and safety in the workplace, and analyse how to protect you and your colleagues from harm.



Boosting Preventive Health Research

The Australian Government is investing in research to help promote good health practice, prevent disease and keep people out of the hospital.

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Research, Literature & Blogs Database

Health checks from age 40 to avoid ‘black hole’

Individual health screening and self-management should be a cornerstone to empower healthy ageing in Australia and avoid the black hole of middle ageing. Flinders University research..

A study found that in humans, reduced levels of acetate, which is mainly produced by fibre fermentation in the gut, is associated with the common and serious pregnancy-related condition preeclampsia.   High plant-based fibre diet is recommended during pregnancy to promote the wellbeing of the mother and child. Murdoch Childrens Research Institute .



SUCCESSFUL TIME MANAGEMENT Strategies For Everyone – Personally & Professionally

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Sarena with her kids

Successful time management enables you to work more efficiently with the time you have, enables greater productivity, less stress, more control, provides greater opportunities and improved professionalism.  It is a skill we all need at home and at work. Improve self-awareness and identify effective self-management strategies for yourself and your clients. Challenge your thinking…


Being in nature leads to better health

Research suggests that being around trees is good for our mental and social well-being.  Trees help us feel less stressed and more restored.  Trees also can improve our health. Click here to find out how trees help you stress less…



Allied Health Events & Networking

Key dates to add to your calendar!


Allied Health Support event calendar

Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference


Cancer treatment and care

26 September 2019/ Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

The Cancer Institute NSW is pleased to announce the 8th annual Innovations in Cancer Treatment and Care Conference. This conference brings together clinicians, health workers, researchers and people affected by cancer to foster innovation and continuous improvement across the NSW cancer health system.



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Australian Allied Health Awards

21st September 2019/Peninsula Warehouse Melbourne Vic

The full list of finalists has been released! 

Head over to the AUSTRALIAN ALLIED HEALTH AWARDS website to check out the following categories for 2019 FINALISTS! – can you spot anyone you know??



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AASW conference 2019


Australian Association of Social Workers Conference 2019

7-9 November/ Adelaide Convention Centre

Secure your place in Adelaide now! EARLY BIRD registration close 7 August.


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2019 National Conference Chiropractic Australia


2019 Chiropractic Australia – National Conference –

“Using Evidence As A Framework For Success”


The 2019 National Conference “Using Evidence As A Framework For Success” which, for the first time, is being held on Queensland’s Gold Coast. This conference promises to be an exciting and informative weekend that will help improve the care you provide to your patients. Early bird registration is now open!





2019 Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium

Early Bird registration closes 13 September

Allied Health event calendar

2019 Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium banner


Allied Health Link round up blog

Speech Pathology Australia 2020 Darwin conference Logo



Speech Pathology Australia 2020 Darwin conference

24 – 27 May 2020

The call for abstracts is now open!



Prevention of Blindness and Visual Impairment

Allied Health link round up blog

Vision 2020 LOGO

VISION 2020: The Right to Sight is the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, a joint programme of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB).



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