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Special mention to our colleagues in EXERCISE AND SPORTS SCIENCE this month!

Second month of the new decade and this month’s topic is on exercise and sports.  As always, we’ve scoured the internet to find the latest and greatest resources for you – our community.

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Credit to SDA


Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA) is pleased to announce Simone Austin as president to the Board for her 5th year.  Simone states that “Sports nutrition is the Ferrari of nutrition” and our aim is to promote excellence in sports nutrition practice to enhance performance, health and well-being”… Read more…

Congratulations Simone!  


Check out the latest FACT SHEET and more resources in sports nutrition- visit Sports Dietitian Australia Website.

Blogs & Influencers


Credit to Stroke Foundation

From being paralysed to playing Football – Nicole

Last year I was one of five first ever females to participate in the National Championships for CP (Cerebral Palsy) football, competing against 90 other men with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injuries or who have had Strokes or similar neurological conditions. The best part of the tournament was when I scored a goal. Read the full inspirational story of Nicole, a stroke survivor now a CP football player. Click here


Spine injury: Children in sports at risk for slipped disks

Children’s Health


Young athletes face their share of bumps and scrapes, but first aid kits aren’t the solution to every injury. If your child has recurring lower back pain or spondylolysis, they may be at risk for a slipped disk in the spine. How is spondylolisthesis treated? What are the non-surgical treatment might include?   Learn more in this article by Children’s health. 



Allied Health Support Services

Sports injury prevention

An Australian study identified the most common sporting activities leading to injury. With research warning that children who experience sporting injuries are at a higher risk of suffering from re-injury in the long term, it’s important to take some sensible precautions to avoid injury in the first place. .Here are some tips from for getting the most out of your fitness programme or sport while preventing injury..

Jackson Tisdell photo

Jackson Tisdell, Podiatrist- Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome


Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

For starters, there are multiple theories as to what causes it, with the LEAST likely of these being the “traction” or “pulling” of the lower leg muscles on the periosteum of the bone. The tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus and soleus muscles all have inconsistent findings of muscle fibre attachment along the medial tibial border, and studies of the periosteum don’t show that inflammation is occurring there- guest blog by Jackson Tisdell, Podiatrist and S+C coach, Kinetic Therapies. Read on…

Work in exercise and sports?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were known as a specialty clinician in your particular area? Share your experience, skills and passion- Become one of our  guest blog contributors! Get in touch for more info- Email us at





Allied Health Support Services Concentrated Bearded Young Man Student Sitting in Cafe Feature ImagePodcast by British Journal of Sports Medicine

Take homes from 1st World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes: Doha Agreement

The heavyweights in groin pain were invited to work on focused systematic reviews and share their thoughts in person in Doha, Qatar. But there was a catch. They were locked in a room with just LCHF foodstuffs and told not to come out until there was a useful product for clinicians. Adam Weir (@AdamWeirSports), the driving force behind this effort, shares what was achieved and how this can help in clinical practice. Tune in now!


Allied Health Support FAI syndrome

Credit to BMJ Journals


Highlights from The Advanced Upper Limb Rehab in Sport  – The Sportsmap Network

Andrew stressed the importance of both discussing with the athlete and then examining what they CAN and CAN’T do with their presenting complaint.  “What can you do? Do that, What can’t you do? Modify that- Examination of the throwing athlete…


” Free resources and a super handy database of current RSS feeds, also available, with direct links to your favourite journal’s current release.  KEEP UP TO DATE THE EASY WAY! Click here”


Professional Development


Allied Health Support Services Feature Image 7

Level 1 – Intro to Concussion Management

Do you feel confident managing concussion patients? Take the first step to improve your concussion knowledge and earn 13 hours of CE credits.  Level 1 – Intro to Concussion Management-  Visit Complete Concussion Management website to find out more…


Athlete Mental Health Webinar

This webinar thoughtfully explores the evolution of athlete mental health.  A large amount of mental energy and focused attention is required to master a task, execute a skill or problem solve. Presented by Gayelene Clews a World Renown Sports Psychologist.


SmartHER – Female Athlete Health

EIS Physiology team speak about the work they are doing around female athlete health to encourage athletes, coaches and support staff to open up the conversation and consider female physiology and psychology in training, recovery, nutrition and the coaching environment, in order to improve the health and performance outcomes for female athletes.



Allied Health link round up blog

LRUB- Research Articles

Lee, D et al. (2019). Effects of a smart phone-based game on balance ability and dizziness on healthy adult individuals. Journal of Human Sport & Exercise, 14 (4).

Playing a smart phone game for either 10 or 20 mins was found to affect balance, but for 20 mins may also lead to significant dizziness.

Reed, N et al. (2019) Returning to activity after concussion.  Archives of Physical Rehabilitation & Medicine,  100 (4): 789-791.

This education resource is designed to guide individuals with a concussion (or those caring for someone with a concussion) on how to safely reintroduce activity so that you can do the things you need, want, and love to do.


Sun, X et al. (2020). Systematic review of the role of footwear constructions in running biomechanics: Implications for running related injury and performance.  Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 19: 20-37.

Key Points

  • Increasing the forefoot bending stiffness of running at the optimal range can benefit performance-related variables.
  • Softer or thicker midsoles can provide remarkable cushioning effects but may decrease plantar sensations at touchdown.
  • Minimalist shoes can improve running economy and build the cross-sectional area and stiffness of Achilles tendon but also induce greater loading of the ankle and metatarsophalangeal joint.




As healthcare professionals, we put the focus on others and sometimes forget about ourselves. If you find yourself suffering from increased amounts of stress at work or in general, that could be a sign to make more time for yourself. We cannot be at our best for others, if we are not at our best for ourselves – take it from a health professional who has been in hospital for the last 7 days!!

event calendar

Research to practice


How to deal with stress, long days and an intense work environment

Studies have shown that an increase in fatigue, insomnia, depression, heart disease and other psychological and physiological ailments can be attributed to stress in the workplace. So what are some ways to combat this stress in the workplace?  Take a look into these less utilized options. Continue reading…

Active Ageing

The health benefits of exercise cannot be overstated. We all know that being active helps to keep improve your physical and mental well-being, but did you know it might be able to help fight loneliness? THE BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR OLDER AUSTRALIANS by Exercise Right.



Upcoming ALLIED HEALTH Events


Credit to SMA

This event will be presented by a sports physician, psychologist and dietitian to provide a comprehensive overview of the nature, risk factors, presentation and multidisciplinary management of RED-S.

Visit Sports Medicine Australia for more events and resources…




Make 2020 the year that you ELEVATE your practice to new heights of growth, expansion and impact. For more information on the Inaugural Private Practice Success Conference, watch the video below or visit

Elevate2020- watch the video here

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Sarena Jones

Director @ Allied Health Support Services



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