ALLIED HEALTH Link Round Up Blog APRIL 2018

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Special mentions to our colleagues in AUDIOLOGY and HEARING this month!



Children’s Communication Milestones

This Communication Milestones Kit from Speech Pathology Australia, assists parents and carers to find a speech pathologist if they are unsure about whether their child is having difficulty with his or her speech, language and communication.

The Communication Milestones Kit is a series of A4-sized downloadable information sheets and an A3-sized poster. These outline the talking and understanding milestones for children aged 1-5 years.


Equipment & Resources


Diabetes Australia 

Best practice guidelines for Diabetic management, tools, resources and much more…


International Diabetes Federation

IDF have developed a FREE online course for HP’s, 3 modules available – Intro to Diabetes, Overview of Diabetes Management and Understanding Diabetic Kidney Disease. Each module takes approx. 60mins and you even receive certificate of completion –   jump on and have a look here…

Evidence Based Hand & Upper Extremity Protocols

Comprehensive manual of treatment protocols for common injuries. *Costs involved*


Allied Health Blogs & Influencers


Health & Wellness trends for 2018

Expect to see these and hear these everywhere!!  Purifying plants anyone??





Top 100 Hearing Aid Blogs & Websites for those in Hearing Care Industries

What a great round up of links for those in these industries!



Great blogs coming out of this private practice!  Particularly enjoying these ones –

The relationship between eye care and audiology
Have a look at the latest tech trends in audiology for 2018!


Health Private Practice

Why Hackers Love Healthcare

Health data is extremely valuable – have a read – upwards of $20,000 on the black market! How secure is your practice data??


Cool Health Research

Predicting Hearing Aid Benefit

Schadler, M.R., Warzybok, A. & Kollmeier, B. (2018). Objective Prediction of Hearing Aid Benefit Across Listener Groups Using Machine Learning: Speech Recognition Performance with Binaural Noise Reduction Algorithms. Trends In Hearing, 22(1).

Prevention Programs to Prevent Football Hamstring Injuries

Almeida, MO, Maher, CG & Saragiotto, BT. (2018). Prevention programmes including Nordic exercises to prevent hamstring injuries in football players. British Journal Sports Medicine, March; (E-publication ahead of print)


Events For Health Professionals

May Virtual Conferences –  Watch LIVE or watch the recording!

May 3  –  Developing & Managing An Effective Pain Service

May 11 –  Multi- Sensory Marketing

May 18 –  Secure Messaging

May 21 –  Parkinson’s Disease Management Update



Allied Health Research Forum – 10 May, FREE and in Sydney


Audiology Australia – National Conference 2018– 20-23 May 2018

The 2018 National Conference will be held in Sydney, under the theme of ‘harbouring holistic hearing health’, brings together an exceptional scientific program with a number of outstanding keynote speakers.




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