Allied Health Link Round Up Blog – FEB 2018

Read on, save for later, share on social – here are some awesome links you, as an awesome allied health professional, need to know about right now…

I have collated the best links I’ve found this month under these loose areas relevant to all of us!  Please comment or shoot me an email if you feel you would like a different area of clinical or non-clinical practice covered or if you feel there is an awesome blog / link / service / research / innovation your fellow AHP’s should really know about!!





If you work with KIDS or you HAVE KIDS this is the website for you!  Resources, programs, courses for teachers, therapists and parents alike…  Their Highway Heroes programs are for kids of all ages and focus on building ‘smart life skills for kids’ like social and emotional resilience.  Best Programs 4 Kids specialise in mental health and well being for kids. Sign up for their free newsletter to learn more!

There are STACKS of free resources to download such as

  • The Power of Praise
  • Drama Llamas
  • Managing & Monitoring Online Viewing
  • Classroom Resilience
  • Playground Resilience

Great relevant and interesting blogs, with regular postings.  Check out these beauties!

Good Digital Parenting

10 Powerful Ways To Calm The Angry Child

Best Programs 4 Kids was founded by Claire Orange (SP) and Helen Davidson (OT) and these lovely ladies with all their extensive experience will be presenting a

3 part series of webinars for ALLIED HEALTH VIRTUAL CONFERENCES & EVENTS on the learning of social and emotional skills for kids…. Cool hey?! Head over to the site to have a look



This is a great site for those working in rehab or occupational rehab and return to work.  Some free resources such as articles and lots of webinars and resources for members.

Individual membership starts at $148.50 for 12 months and group membership starts at $792.

Webinars such as How Pain Can Be The Key To Successful Return To Work

Return To Work Coordinators & Doctors – Their Influence On Return To Work

Free Articles such as How To Create Your Injury Management Policy, and  The Jewels of Case Management are worth a look…



Clinical Practice Guidelines For The Management of Rotator Cuff Syndrome in the Workplace (2013)

Anyone using a more recent Clinical Practice Guideline in this area of practice?  Let us know – this is SO common!








Assessments and online learning for health professionals working in the rehabilitation and injury management practice area.

Online courses accessible 24/7 – including Abilita Assessments, Abilita Coaching, Abilita Pain course and a FREE webinar outlining how to implement the Biopsychosocial Model and apply to the injury management and rehabilitation process.

Pam Garton is an OT and she will be presenting in May for ALLIED HEALTH VIRTUAL CONFERENCE & EVENTS, joined by her colleagues  –  Managing An Effective Pain Service


Equipment & Resources


If you are providing your clients with a home program of any sort – this is for you! Prescribe a home program, monitor, educate and communicate with your client.  No more stick figures drawings!!  

Subscriptions from $9.99 per month, per practitioner. The app for your clients is called PhysiApp and is free on IOS and Android.  Check it out – free trial available.

Marijn recently presented at our Allied Health Virtual Conference – INNOVATION IN PRIVATE PRACTICE  (recording still available here)


Private Practice

Business Woman Media 

Free newsletter, great blog content… Check out these titles  

5 Vital Things Working Women Should Do in 2018 To Develop Their Creative Life

How To Face Up To Conflict At Work

10 Ways To Foster Self-Directed Learning in Your Training



Self Care         

Mindfulness & Self Compassion

2 day Workshop

14-15 March



Interesting Research!


Physio Delivered Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions [Article access via PEDRO database]

Hall A, Richmond H, Copsey B, Hansen Z, Williamson E, Jones G, Fordham B, Cooper Z & Lamb S. (2018). Physiotherapist-delivered cognitive-behavioural interventions are effective for low back pain, but can they be replicated in clinical practice? A systematic review [with consumer summary]. Disability and Rehabilitation, 40 (1): 1-9. 


Evidence for Use of Pilates in Rehabilitation? [Article access via PEDRO database]

Byrnes K. Wu P-J. & Whillier S. (2018). Is pilates an effective rehabilitation tool? A systematic review. Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, Jan; 22 (1): 192-202.


E-Stim affect on Spasticity, Balance & Walking Speed post Stroke – Article accessed via PEDRO database

Lin S. Sun Q. Wang H. & Xie G. (2018). Influence of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on spasticity, balance, and walking speed in stroke patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis.  Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, Jan, 10; 50(1): 3-7.


  Blogs & Influencers

Music Therapy Research Blog

Great blog for Music Therapists with regular no fuss postings and resources… helping you to keep up with, access and utilise the current evidence in this field in your practice! Brilliant!



Events Coming UP



5th        FREE Personal Planning for Allied Health Professionals – Don Duncan & Vanessa Emilio

8th        Uncovering Your Expertise – Jo Muirhead

12th      Neurological Updates for Physical Therapists – Elishia Scobie

19th      Exit Planning for Your Private Practice – Cathy Love



Clinical Skills Workshop – New Graduate Podiatrists  –  10 March,  NSW

Care Considerations for the Frail Elderly at the End of Life  –  19th March, Adelaide


21-23 March

Including AGED CARE SUMMIT 21-22 March



Norman Doidge

The Power of Thought: Updates in Neuroplasticity  

May – Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne

Early Bird Prices closing soon!




Check out these great links, services and resources and let us know how we can help you!

Until next time, let’s support each other! #alliedhealthprofessionsrule


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