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Allied Health Support Services was born in late 2016, out of time consuming frustration at the lack of cohesiveness and the professional ‘silos’ in our Australian Allied Health community.

My name is Sarena Jones and I am an Occupational Therapist on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. After returning to practice after 3 years of maternity leave, I didn’t feel confident, I didn’t feel skilled, I didn’t feel supported and unsurprisingly – I wasn’t happy!

I struggled with my new role delineation and how to look after my family, my clients, and of course, myself. I didn’t have the resources or the time to travel to expensive courses, but I desperately wanted to get up to date with the latest evidence, brush up on my clinical skills, connect with others and feel confident again. I soon realised I wasn’t alone…

I spent hours trying to find Allied Health resources, accessible online PD and supervision and to connect with online Allied Health communities.  So many of us miss opportunities, struggle to keep up to date with CPD and supervision requirements, don’t know where to look or what’s even out there and available!

The Vision

Our vision is to provide an amazing online community and directory for Allied Health professionals everywhere – so they may access professional development, support, networking and opportunities, to feel up to date, connected and confident.

At Allied Health Support Services, we have a special interest in practitioners that may be experiencing difficulties due to being on leave, returning from leave, geographical or clinical isolation, needing clinical or professional support and of course, being seriously time poor!


We have an ever growing team of legends who work and specialise in Allied Health.  A mix of health professionals and business professionals who author, contribute and support us all to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest that may be relevant within Allied Health.  Meet our team here…

The Opportunity

If you are an allied health professional looking to contribute in some way, seeking a way to stand out or promote yourself, or have specific needs or requirements, please contact to get involved. We are always looking for health professionals to share their experience, skills and resources…and build a greater, more connected network.

Stay current. Be connected. Feel confident.

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