We’re all busy people aren’t we!? Everyone has a smart phone and let’s be honest – how many of us actually use them to their full potential? Who of us has the time to chase down new apps, let alone use the ones we have!!  Or is it just me..?  I (as a non-techie but interested party) have compiled a wonderful list for you to start playing with here –


  1. Mendeley – Free (IOS & Android)

Read and annotate your documents, highlight, share and discuss reading lists and research. Helps to keep you up to date with literature.  Keeps it all in one place for you to read, re-read and reference later!

  1. Clinicjot – ranges from free to $29.99/mth

Therapy business management software. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that is fully compliant with privacy law, storing your data on a secure and private cloud server. Adaptable notes formats including handwritten or typed notes, diagrams / sketches.  Electronic schedule and GPS mapping for community or outreach appointments. Send reports, raise and send invoices.

  1. Goniometer Apps

Goniometer Pro – Free with in-app purchases (IOS & Android)

Joint Goniometry – $7.99 (IOS & Android)

GetMyROM – $4.49 (IOS & Android)

Measure range of motion angles with precision and remembers the measurements for you!  Simply line up your phone and set 0 degrees. Some difficulty likely with smaller joints but the literature supports trialling these apps and there are several on the market. (Scroll down for further reading on goniometer app use in the literature)

  1. Stopwatch & Timer – Free with in-app purchases (IOS & Android)

Easy to use app that does what it says it does! Handy for outcome measures and treating several patients at the same time with multiple timers…

  1. Tally 2 – Free with in-app purchases (IOS & Android)

Quick and easy counting with multiple tallies. Great for keeping up your reps and no need to buy a ‘’clicker’’!

  1. Anatomy / Physiology Apps

There are many anatomy and physiology apps that work well such as Anatomy Quiz Pro, Anatomy Guide Pocket Book, 3D Muscle & Bone Anatomy so check out your options and compare… I am liking these ones for the price –

Teach Me Anatomy / Teach Me Surgery / Teach Me Physiology$3.99, bundles available (IOS & Android)
Easy to read information, colour coded diagrams, clinical applications and quizzes to aid learning. Super handy to have with you for quick reference or to refresh your knowledge with learning modules.

  1. RSS Feed Readers

Not as sexy as they once were, RSS Feeders are still are brilliant way to keep up to date with many publications and recent literature. Obviously, ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES provide a fab selection of feeds from many Allied Health websites, associations and journals and keep them all in one handy place ready for when you might like a look (join our online family HERE!)
There are also some RSS feed apps that you might find useful…

Feedly – Free; with in-app purchases; Pro account, $5/mth (IOS & Android)
News aggregator, access to RSS feeds from many common news websites, includes cross-platform support and integrates with many of the big ones – Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, OneNote and heaps of others.

Also check out these options…

Reeder 3 – $7.99 (IOS)
Reader+ – $1.99 (Android)
Inoreader – Free with in-app purchases, price plans start at $15 annually (IOS & Inoreader)
Flipboard – Free with in-app purchases, (IOS & Android)

  1. Personal or Professional, Individual or Team Organisation and Project Management

No matter the size of your team, these apps are brilliant for keeping everything organised and together and everyone on track… Saving you time, money and oomph!

Evernote – Free up to $89.99 a year (IOS & Android)
This cloud-based note taking and project management app is so useful for organisation! It’s the place for to do lists, work notes, chats with colleagues, workplace collaboration. You can save documents or images sourced from online and you can share your ideas/notes/images with others.  You can upload images and make handwritten notes on top. This app even syncs between all your devices automatically.  Definitely worth a try if you haven’t already.

Asana – Free with in-app purchases (IOS & Android)
Team communication, task and project management. Simple interface and uses visual board formats with ‘sticky notes’!

Dropbox – Free with in-app purchases (IOS & Android)
Cloud based storage accessible to everyone. If you’re not across this one, get out from your rock and check this out!

  1. AusMed CPD – Free (IOS & Android)

Ability to record your PD events, time spent and photograph certificates.  Lightweight app that is designed for nurses and midwives.  ALLIED HEALTH SUPPORT SERVICES automatically records and manages your PD in your profile, join our family here!

  1. Team Communication Apps

“Chat apps” designed to increase team communication and collaboration whilst reducing time spent sorting through emails and attending meetings, hence maximising efficiency!

Slack – Free with in-app purchases for business plans (IOS & Android)

HipChat – Free with in-app purchases for business plans (IOS & Android)

  1. Red Cross First Aid App – Free (IOS & Android)

Yes we are all required to be trained in First Aid, BUT a handy little step by step app that walks you through a range of everyday scenarios in your pocket doesn’t hurt either! All info is preloaded so you don’t need to worry about internet access.


So no sponsors here… just opinions and food for thought – from a complete non-techie!
So tell me your thoughts, do you have a ripper app that your colleagues might find useful??
Please share and let us all in on your professional tips and tricks!!

Stay tuned for the next instalment – super handy apps for your patients..

Let’s support each other and promote ALLIED HEALTH!
With thanks,



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